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 Agreed.  I am almost tempted to try to buy a used pair of these rather than wait for new ones.  So cool looking!
I go with my Barrie size for both.
I once inquired about converting a storm welt to a simple flat welt and was told that they wouldn't recommend it as the leather/shell behind the storm welt might be a different color once exposed as it's been behind the storm welt for some time (sun exposure, etc.).
Now that is how boots are meant to look!  Awesome!
@mdubs, your whiskey Harlechs look amazing!  And you take the best photos.  Because of where I live and with so little rain, I prefer the double leather soles that we got on the first run but I would have preferred if mine were all blind eyelets like yours.   Hope you guys get enough for a 3rd run.  They are amazing boots.  I will say though that the dark brown shell Harlechs are also amazing.  The patina on those is developing really nicely.
 Those look as incredible as I thought they would.  Congrats on a good score!
  Well done, Spencer. You're building a collection similar to mine.  I got the olive Guidi boots from BBC and the matte black (Guidi also) directly from Viberg.  For being such heavy boots, it's incredible how comfortable Vibergs can be.
 I arrived at Rogue Territory denim after going through Nudies, Raleigh's, Eternal, Momo's and 3sixteen.  I still like Momo's and 3sixteen but my RT unsanforized slubby Stantons are incredible! I will say that if one wants to spend less, like around $150, Epaulet makes a really good everyday selvedge denim.
 Must be the @mdubs influence.  The whiskey has 13 days of wear and the brown has 25.  So haven't been worn that much considering the brown ones are 15 months old.  Thanks, @laufer, much appreciated.
 I use both on my laptop.  And you're right, Chrome has less problems.  But I grew up an MS guy and find it hard to give up IE and Outlook even though I use an iPad and iPhone. 
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