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**SOLD** Allen Edmonds Walnut Shell Cordovan Dalton Boots – 8D   These boots were bought new as firsts (not seconds) when Allen Edmonds was still producing walnut shell cordovan footwear.  They are made from Walnut Shell Cordovan from Horween.  These are in excellent pre-owned condition.     The boots are unlined except for in the toe box, which makes them particularly light for these types of boots.  They have the excellent JR (J. Rendenbach) double leather soles. ...
 I'm hoping you're right, buda.  I've been lucky in that I've so far never been charged.  But I always thought that the $800 or whatever it was before ($600?) only applied when you were bringing in goods with you when travelling.  I had thought that any eligible foreign goods were liable for duty when shipped independently.
My expectation is that yes, we will get hit with duty and fees. Unfortunately. Last time C&J shipped via post so didn't pay any fees.
Thanks, @Crat, for the pics. Certainly increases my anticipation of receiving them. And I don't if it's summer; I'm going to wear them.
Thanks for the info guys.
Been away for awhile. Can someone tell me the status of the zug Snowden order?
Idiot here too.
I don't understand why I didn't order the Hoppers. So stoopid.
 I have two pairs of the 8oz rivets, but not in khaki (navy, fatigue).  I wash them in cold/gentle inside out, and hang dry.  Negligible shrinkage.  And yes, they stretch a bit after some where but not a whole lot.
 Grained leather will almost always win out over straight wax calf in terms of toughness and standing up to abuse. Edit: having said that though, fit is king.
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