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Regarding the debacle with the Alden black shell boots, Ryder nailed the design perfectly. The black reverse welt and edging negated the uniqueness of that design. I'm conflicted about what to do because of that. Someone said it's an easy fix but that's not the case. I'm not sure I want to pay to have the reverse welt replaced, which is what it would take to do it properly. What a disappointment, and just increases my frustration with Alden. I sympathize with what...
 I'm in for the RydenFrank Chelsea boot, order placed.
Thanks, Fok.  Subscribed.
 Never trust early polls! I paid my deposit for the horsehide Chelsea. Happy Thanksgiving!
 Crap, Ryden, why do you do this to me?  I'm still waiting on the "other" Ryden boot, which should be arriving soon, I think. I was hankering for a Chelsea boot and I made the mistake of buying a CP Chelsea boot.  Not really too happy with them. I looked at the pic of the tan horsehide roughout and it looks pretty amazing.  Let me sleep on it but I'm probably in.
 I am drawn to zips for travel as well.  I also have Global Entry but isn't the issue if the footwear has a steel shank?  I had to remove some Alden boots going through the TSA-pre line since they set off the buzzer due to the steel shank. Vibergs have steel shanks, don't they?  So a side-zip Viberg would be easy to remove.
 Thanks for the invite, @linafelt but I am on a boot purchase moratorium until I get rid of some of mine.  I went on a splurge and now have four boots on order.  I think I want to try a 310 at some point but just can't right now.  I know I will likely regret this decision.
Good to see you're still around, @rydenfan !!
@Epaulet, I've been away for a while so sorry if I missed it but what's the latest you've heard on the Ryden boot?  
I want to order another pair of the horsehide high trainers because I'm wearing the heck out of mine. But the high is not showing up as an option???
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