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I have one pair of 2030s and three pairs of Barrie's. I think you can consider them to be the same length. A lot is going to depend on the type of welt that's on the Barrie boots, because 2030 boot welts are a more constant width than Barrie boot welts.One Barrie was the exact same length as the 2030. One Barrie was 1/8" longer than the 2030. And one Barrie was 1/4" shorter than the 2030. Go figure. They are all 7.5D.
The bisons on the mini ripple are outstanding!!!
Standard Harlech is on the 341.
The weather in the Bay Area is incredible! I brought boots, grey Wilshires and jackets to wear but I may have to go shopping. The high is supposed to be 75F in Oakland today!
^ I size 1/2 up from Barrie to Plaza. No chg to width for me.
Sorry, forgot to mention that my 341 and 325's are in the same size.
I have Harlechs (341) and one pair of Conistons (325). To me, the Conistons are slightly roomier than the 341 Harlechs. I'm not sure you'd want to go down .5 if the 341's fit well. If you have a bit of room in the 341's and want a snugger fit, then I guess you could go down .5 from the 341 size.
 That horsehide leather looks fantastic!  Are those the ones on the 1035?
 Great color combo!  Great boots also, of course.
 I got my 32oz tin from Most Shoe Stuff.  They have it for $19.75.  Not sure what they charge for shipping (free after $75). http://www.mostshoestuff.com
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