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 It's a shoe care regimen.  Go to the Alden thread and search for the Mac Method.
 I was just told I should have bought some $400+ Camina boots to use as beaters so it's all relative.
 When I talked about my boots this way about two years ago, I was called weird.  Can't remember the thread. What I had said was that the textural quality of boots was as important to me as the fit and looks because when I sit in meetings or whatever and cross my legs, I like feeling the touch of the leather because it's soothing and helps if the meeting is boring. That's one reason I don't have an obsession with shell as some others do.  I personally don't think the...
Thanks, d*3.
Ryden and I were discussing the fit of various lasts on the Viberg thread and since I'm waiting on my first pair of Galways on the 64 last, I am eagerly anticipating (and slightly worrying) about how that last will fair with me.
 Then your next nine pairs of boots should be Galways.
Yeah, that Glencoe surely had my eye.  But I'm on a real hiatus from footwear purchases, instead focusing on bolstering my clothing wardrobe.  I awaiting two preorders but other than that, I'm being very, very selective on future purchases.  I just have developed a strong pet peeve to owning boots that don't get much wear.  I'm wearing a pair of Carmina scotch grain jumpers today and they've seen less than a wear per month in the last two years.  That's just not enough to...
 Yeah, I know, I know...  Hesitation = bad choice/decision.
These Carminas jumped out at me yesterday but I hesitated as they're a little too similar to the chestnut Utah Galways that I have coming.  My hesitation made the decision for me easy today as my size is gone already.  
I've tried to nail down a specific reason but I'm still not sure. Part of it may be that I don't like this version of a commando sole. It's more appropriate for this boot but I still prefer Alden's commando sole. It may also be that the heel is too wide for my foot. Although the 2030 doesn't have what I'd call a narrow heel, somehow the heel counter on that last seems to cup and secure the back of my foot nicely.I know you have boots in both these lasts. What's your...
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