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 I am drawn to zips for travel as well.  I also have Global Entry but isn't the issue if the footwear has a steel shank?  I had to remove some Alden boots going through the TSA-pre line since they set off the buzzer due to the steel shank. Vibergs have steel shanks, don't they?  So a side-zip Viberg would be easy to remove.
 Thanks for the invite, @linafelt but I am on a boot purchase moratorium until I get rid of some of mine.  I went on a splurge and now have four boots on order.  I think I want to try a 310 at some point but just can't right now.  I know I will likely regret this decision.
Good to see you're still around, @rydenfan !!
@Epaulet, I've been away for a while so sorry if I missed it but what's the latest you've heard on the Ryden boot?  
I want to order another pair of the horsehide high trainers because I'm wearing the heck out of mine. But the high is not showing up as an option???
Crockett & Jones Dark Brown Shell Cordovan Harlech Boots – 7E (UK)   These boots were bought at the C&J store on Jermyn Street in London.  These are in excellent pre-owned condition, as they have been worn infrequently, and never in rain or snow.      The boots are fully lined in a light tan calf leather.  You can see the Horween shell cordovan stamp peeking out from under the lining on the left boot tongue.  Soles are double leather and the heels are leather with a...
**SOLD** Allen Edmonds Walnut Shell Cordovan Dalton Boots – 8D   These boots were bought new as firsts (not seconds) when Allen Edmonds was still producing walnut shell cordovan footwear.  They are made from Walnut Shell Cordovan from Horween.  These are in excellent pre-owned condition.     The boots are unlined except for in the toe box, which makes them particularly light for these types of boots.  They have the excellent JR (J. Rendenbach) double leather soles. ...
 I'm hoping you're right, buda.  I've been lucky in that I've so far never been charged.  But I always thought that the $800 or whatever it was before ($600?) only applied when you were bringing in goods with you when travelling.  I had thought that any eligible foreign goods were liable for duty when shipped independently.
My expectation is that yes, we will get hit with duty and fees. Unfortunately. Last time C&J shipped via post so didn't pay any fees.
Thanks, @Crat, for the pics. Certainly increases my anticipation of receiving them. And I don't if it's summer; I'm going to wear them.
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