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Yeah, I'm kinda lost, too.
I give them a good brushing when I take them off.  A very quick brushing before I put them on.
 I actually like the looks of both toe boxes.  Well, I better like the looks of the 2nd one since my soon-to-arrive waxed flesh boots are on the 2045. Great looking boots, ryden.
Alden Dark Tan Perforated Cap Toe Boots 7.5D   These boots were purchased new from The ShoeMart in July 2012 for $499.(current price $543). They have been worn very sparingly, less than 30 times. Full disclosure: The tongue on the right boot tends to curl to one side. I have never used colored cream/wax on these boots only Saphir Renovateur and GlenKaren neutral cream polish.   - Alden Model 39701 Perforated Cap Toe Boots - Size: 7.5D - Color: Dark tan - Leather:...
 I personally prefer all eyelets in general but have never not bought boots because of speedhooks.  And I've seen quite a few preferences for speedhooks posted, although it may have been on the C&J or Viberg threads. One of the problems with speedhooks is how they presumably catch the hem threads.  But this is more of an issue with dressier pants and not really a problem with chinos or jeans. Other than that, it's really a matter of preference.  On some boots, I actually...
     I only just bought some boots, my first on crepe.  I previously avoided crepe but I am now a believer.  Aesthetically they're not that pleasing, but the comfort is quite an amazing surprise to me.  In general, I still prefer double leather JR or Dainite if the need calls for it, but if you need to be on your feet or walking all day, crepe is the way to go.  Great soles for taking on a trip, when you anticipate walking around and/or on your feet all day.
I must be strange, too.
I almost think Viberg should approach this as a lottery.  There's just too much competition to make it FCFS.
^  Yes, those NatCXL Trenches have aged beautifully.
Some with patience will break them in on carpet for a few wears to lessen this effect. I don't always have that patience.
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