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 Great boots and love them socks.  Alpine grain is really growing on me.
 Congrats, @Spencer, glad you're happy with them.  I have them as well and they might be my favorite Vibergs, but it's a close call. The Guidi leather is amazing to me; lots of personality.  Enjoy!
 Yeah, @CTYGGG, missed those clear large pics.
 7-fold, this is excellent input for me as I carefully contemplate leather choices for my first Galways (and EG's for that matter).
They announced it on IG.
 yes, cognac or saddle, they are gorgeous, Mike.
 btw, welcome to the forum.  You are on a downward spiral as regards your budget hereon in!
 I am a 7.5D in Barrie boots and the fit is pretty much perfect.  I have two 341 Harlechs and they are both UK 7E.  I like the fit but I could have gone to a UK 6.5E I think.  Since you have a bit of room in the 7.5D Barrie, I think you'd be okay with a 341 6.5E Harlech.  But as you know, it's all a crap shoot, depending on how finicky you are about fit.  Good luck.
I'd heard good things about Bick4 so decided to give it a try on some boots.  I'm lazy so I like this as it's easy to apply and seems to condition leather better than either Reno or VSC, but those are early first impressions.  It also leaves less of an oily residue compared to Reno or VSC, but that could be because of less wax content.   Waxy brown Long Branches that I had zippers installed on (horrors!) and burnished chili Daltons:     Walnut calf and walnut shell...
 Thanks, I'll check it out.  The EG surcharge is incredibly reasonable as I thought it'd be more like the very expensive C&J surcharge. Excited that this is starting to take shape...
New Posts  All Forums: