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 I have ordered directly from them twice and in both cases, very quick.  That day or certainly the next.
 @Mutombo, I also think you should be fine.  I have a pair of 379X suede boots and I sized them like Barrie/TB and they fit perfectly.  I still think the pics shown look more like the Trubalance than my 379X lasted boots.  The toe has the slight bump that the TB toe has and the 379X has a narrower waist.  But then, it's hard to tell from the pics.  But it looks like you got a great deal for a nice pair of boots.
 I figured most people would I think I was crazy.  But these Long Branches are over two years old and I have a lot of boots so I figured I could take a chance.  Some of my boots cost a heck of a lot more than these but they are such a great boot for all types of conditions and are wearing really well.  Thanks, man.  I like your approach to life!
 Yeah, that's kind of the reaction I expected!    You are of course, so correct.  But I'm anal and OCD if that explains anything.  We'll see how it goes...
I have committed heresy or a sacrilege on my Long Branch boots.  I pretty much only wear boots and I was getting pretty frustrated from having to hurriedly remove my boots at the TSA line when travelling. I didn't want to wear shoes and I considered Chelsea boots but couldn't quite get into them. So I arrived at side-zip boots.  But none of the brands I like and/or am knowledgeable about have side-zip boots.   I considered some nicer Italian boots (Marsell, Buttero, MMM,...
 Nothing wrong with being boot heavy with a boot collection like that!
^^  Well done!
Dainite is certainly more practical than a double leather sole.  It might also be a touch more comfortable.  I can't speak to durability as I haven't worn either long enough but I certainly don't see excessive wear on the leather.  Aside from practicality, there is just a "je ne sais quoi" about all leather soles that is very appealing to me. I like having Dainite or Commando at my disposal when needed but I think I'd pick double leather all things considered.
 Thanks, m8694.  You wouldn't think that Vibergs with stiff double leather soles would be comfortable but after only about a dozen wears, they are one of the most comfortable boots I own.  I have another pair of Guidi leather boots and they are extremely comfortable as well.  Although the Guidi leather might contribute somewhat to the comfort, I'm guessing it's just the fact that they're Viberg. Epaulet grey Wilshire denim.  Love the fit of the Wilshires.
Alright already...
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