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 I had the same experience, although I was wearing some Chups.  But I really struggled.  As you say, once on, the fit was great.  I was concerned with such a heavy Chelsea boot, that there would be quite a bit of heel slip but I am very happy with the fit.  As others have said, I find them slightly narrower at the front but no discomfort, although I haven't walked a mile in them yet.  Very happy with them and a really nice change up from my other Vibergs.
Mine arrived.  Fit is perfect, same as 2030.    
 Great news!
I'd forgotten how light the unfinished horsehide started out, although I think my first pair started out darker than these new ones.  
Can't remember if we get shipping notices or not. Anyone remember?
What are the ones with the half soles? Cats Paw? I like how the heels on those look cleaner without the layer of Dainite. But whatever, I'm stoked to receive mine!
 Me: -  C&J 341 last (Harlech): UK 7 (quite roomy on me)-  C&J 325 last (Coniston):  UK 7 (good fit)-  EG 64 last (Galway):  UK 7.5 (perfect fit)-  Viberg 2030 last (Service Boot):  Viberg size 7.5 (medium/thick socks).  I can fit into a size 7 with thinner socks.  I have both sizes and am happy with either. So the standard recommendation for you should be a size 9.5 in Viberg's size. You might be risking it but a size 9 might work as well. Good luck.
Regarding the debacle with the Alden black shell boots, Ryder nailed the design perfectly. The black reverse welt and edging negated the uniqueness of that design. I'm conflicted about what to do because of that. Someone said it's an easy fix but that's not the case. I'm not sure I want to pay to have the reverse welt replaced, which is what it would take to do it properly. What a disappointment, and just increases my frustration with Alden. I sympathize with what...
 I'm in for the RydenFrank Chelsea boot, order placed.
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