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Those copper task boots look insane with that wear on them. Who makes the copper task? Horween?
Sorry, I was being facetious. My sister in law is moving back to TX or NM because she can't take the brutal winters there.
 Careful, uncle.  I was in Chicago a couple of days ago and the weather was gorgeous.  Got back to El Paso and thunderstorms and flooding.
@Jay-D:   I was in the Wicker Park community in Chicago a few days ago.  Visited the Mildblend store.  They have a pretty good/large selection of high quality denim there.  I was talking to one of the guys there (originally from Japan?  Didn't get his name), and he seemed quite knowledgeable.  He was raving about you.  How you research and request all the details of denim (that you are going to sell).  Your reputation sure does travel!
Yup, those should be donated to a charity or something.
I used a credit I had with Moulded on the 41665H brown CXL WT boot. They fit spot on and were incredibly comfortable right out of the box (as opposed to some Vibergs that arrived on the same day which will need some breaking in). I really like these boots but the natural welt is still kind of "glaring" to me still. I think I would have preferred an antique welt. But they'll darken with a bit of wear so I'm not too concerned.Enjoy your collection!
My comments are based only on feedback from here, not personal experience. Based on others' comments and also for Mike, I used Retayne on the steep twill golden and rust rivets. Haven't heard that the canvas FFs need the fixative. I had to do the manual method for the Retayne as you are not supposed to use a machine if it's an He machine. But no biggie. Just soak in hot water for 20 minutes.
I normally like speed hooks but I agree with @laufer that I would have liked our first round to have been with all eyelets. I do prefer the leather soles for this makeup, though.
Thanks for the input. I have research to do.Again, back on topic --- I prefer C&J's finishing of shell to Alden's. I'm probably in the minority. I wish the GMTO for the whiskey Skye made sense for me. It will be an incredible boot!
Mike, any plans to do something like the Smith jeans you had a year ago?
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