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^ Man, Saz, that's willpower! I would have worn them right out of the box.
 I have the Leffot version of this boot albeit with pretty much tonal hardware and a single flex leather sole.  But very similar as the Plaza last will identify them uniquely. It is a great boot and gets quite a few compliments compared to my others.  So this would be a great makeup.
 Awesome post!  and boots, too. Edit:  btw, welcome to the forum.
^ Thanks for posting the pics.  That really is a great job that they did.
@wms68, agreement from me as well.  That is some pretty outstanding work.  wow, that pretty much makes it a triple sole, doesn't it?  How does it feel?  Do you notice much difference than when it was just the double leather sole?
 Yeah, and I think those will just get better and better with more wear.
 I feel your excitement.  I haven't received any new boots in over four months.  That must be a record for me and I'm feeling the itch. Those Boondockers on the 2030 are very nice.  It seems people have a love/hate relationship with the 2030 but I still really like the last.  The more hardcore Viberg fans seem to prefer the 110 or even the 310.  The only other last I have is the 2045.  I'd like to try the 1035 at some point and am even attracted to the 310.  Having a...
Hey, @arizor, you might want to try Lexol. I was concerned about how to treat my matte black Guidi calf boots and Lexol did the trick. Conditioned them nicely but kept the matte look.
You got it, brotha!
   I was just going to tell @dddrees that and you beat me to it.  How do you remember all this, tif???? But thanks for the input on the two-tone options.  The ubiquitous doak and walnut cc might be a "must have" for me on the 202.
New Posts  All Forums: