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 I am intrigued, Mike.  I have always had my eye on the Skye II's.  I like the shape/last (looks-wise anyway) of the Skye over the Islay.  And I love the color of my whiskey Harlechs so I can imagine a whiskey Skye would look pretty eye-popping. Having said that, I've spent a fortune on Vibergs in the past few months and still have a balance due on a couple of Aldens I'm waiting on.  I also have quite a few WT boots already, but none in whiskey. However, I'm severely...
@ThinkDerm, I will pass on this one.  I have enough "dressier" boots at the moment and am leaning more toward work-type boots.  But thanks for the invite.  Good luck!
What was probably missed if you don't speak Japanese is that the lady bought the shoes for her now husband about 18 years ago soon after they met and it was one of her first presents to him.  She wanted to surprise him by giving new life to the boots as I am guessing they meant a lot to him (and to her).  So there was quite a bit of sentimentality and emotion behind the effort rather than just "were those boots worth it".
 I actually really like that look.  Very nice.
I'm not offended at all.  And I was on the first run.    Congrats to all of you. They look pretty awesome.  I miss that anticipation and then the excitement of receiving them. Time for another GMTO.
It's those "damned boots" again!
 Thanks, ryden!  I've worn mine purposely when working outside moving sandbags, etc. (basically hard labor!).  I've already had over 20 hard-wearing days on them. You'll get there, my man.
 You did a great job on those.  The "after" looks just how I'd like my waxed flesh boots to look when they get some more wear. I've got a few pairs of roughout/suede boots so I might try that on a pair.  Was the wax Viberg provided a neutral wax?  And it was a wax, right?  Not a cream?
 This is really not good news...
Natural CXL does DEFINITELY darken, as I have three boots in them and they have all darkened.  Some quite a bit, and some very little.
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