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I also am not believing this, @tifosi. It just can't be true.
@Burzan, I keep my boots on a rack just like you and don't worry too much about dust. Each pair might sit for a couple of weeks so I just brush them a bit before wearing. I guess my closet isn't too dusty. Plus, aethsetically it looks nice just the way you've got them!
 Thanks, Doc.  Caution in hemming is crucial, as you say.  I've pretty much got buying chinos and denim online down to an art, assuming I know what kind of fabric is involved.  With denim, if it's sanforized or not, etc.  With EP doing the once-washed deal, it's even safer.
 Thanks, ryden, I'll see if they'll do that next time I pick up some more denim.
Can't believe my SF waxed flesh Service Boots are a year-old now with almost 50 wears on them.  I still wear them often but have come to the conclusion that the 2045 last is not the best for me.  
 Yup, Hoit was the supreme, benevolent dictator!    And my walnut shell Harlechs on double leather are getting good wear. Wore them last night to see Wicked (for the 2nd time).
 (sorry for the thread derail) --- I love Epaulet.  But, I didn't know they offered that service.  Care to elaborate?  (or send me a PM, please)
^ just awesome!
@Capsicum, those boondockers look fantastic. Did you wax them?
I have a few pairs of Barrie boots in 7.5d which fit perfectly. My Viberg boots on the 2030 in 7.5 are looser as the other poster stated. I usually need to wear thicker socks with them. I then bought two pairs of 2030 Vibergs in size 7 and they fit better, but I really can't wear thick socks with them. I don't have wide feet, which I think would make a difference.Good luck!
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