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Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter oh, boy, what a question. that said - I miss being young. I miss being tough, I miss having people look at me and think I look young and tough and crazy. I miss drinking all night, I miss lots and lots of meaningless sex. I miss deciding I want to shave my head and doing it. I miss bars and bar fights. I miss waking up in strange places, sometimes on the ground in somebody I don't know's garden. I miss the...
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Being ex-military I am rather suspicious of these things. Why would you want to do such a thing? If you feel you will get some direct benefit by doing it then ok, but these things usually attract more than a few Walter Mitty wannabe types who like to revel in the association with the military and the kudos their (the military's) training earns them (which is only that, training, it is a means to an end) but don't wish to make a sufficient commitment to join and who...
Perhaps the world's best example of this, Conne, could answer? I too find it a rather amusing practice, especially this 'African-American' thing. Its even worse when US people start to use it to refer to black people who are not even from the US. (As has happened here before)
I'm with globetrotter, some of these remarks are incredible. On the 'my mate dropped out of college and is now a millionaire' side of things: I know a bloke who was only in education until he was 14 and them emmigrated to Britain to escape the Nazis. He arrived with nothing in his pocket and borrowed enough money to but an old hand-cart and went around collecting rags and scrap metal. Do you know what he is worth today? Nothing, and he still owes for the...
I'm not nor am I really bothered about becoming one. I wouldn't turn it down if I won the lottery or whatever, but my needs are modest and I prefer to be satisfied with what I have and what life will give me. As has been pointed out, a million is not much in the UK, but my answer still stands if we consider the 'old school' million. The fact that there is no poll option for this is revealing.
The individual seems to have been taken out of this debate by some. My partner went to an 'Ivy', or at least its British equivalent (DPhil at Oxford in Physics with Post Doctoral research for the British Antarctic Survey and shortly the Rutherford-Appleton Lab), and I am a second year undergraduate. Do I feel inferior to her? Yes. Not because she went to a much more prestigious institution, but because she is smarter than me! Maybe
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Maybe he's really a Scot. Yes, Ulster-Scots! Come on Conne, you are a proud Protestant Ulsterman and Unionist really, all this Republican nonsense was just a joke. Welcome aboard. Cut above now lad!
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara But, I'm never drunk! What sort of Irishman are you? Never drunk indeed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock Here is our little angel Forget what I said the last time.. This is the picture that Cone keeps in the attic.
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