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Charlton Heston is Soylent Green!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mblova ^^^^+1. Plus before BUD/S they have a new screener program that screens out people that they think are not even ready for BUD/S. In the UK we have a similar system now for our combined Special Forces selection (SAS and SBS). There is a pre-selection to give candidates an idea of what to expect. A friend of mine passed that and the hills phase a year or two ago, only to fail on officers week, poor...
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector I think my biggest hesitation is being put in with standard ground troops when I'm highly trained in engineering. Is the Air National Guard too pussy? Surely the various reserve formations must have some sort of specialist units where your civilian skills can be utilised. In the UK we rely heavily on our Reserves and the in many cases unique skills they bring from civvy life.
I have a minor physical disability relating to my dominant hand, resulting from an injury I received in the service. (Severed median nerve) It means I have difficulty writing etc (limited sensation in my hand) and am in discomfort and frequent pain. I am a user of our university's 'AccessAbility Centre' which is the focal point for our disabled students, which range from dyslexics to blind and partially sighted members and those with all manner of physical...
Sorry, double post!
It depends on what you want. In the UK, extra-curricular activity can be the difference between getting in to a university and not. This is not in place of the appropriate grades, but in addition. The more choosy universities want to see commitment and enthusiasm and so an additional string to your bow, such as volunteering to assist in a research project, outreach work, archives etc etc can signify this. This applies at postgrad as well as undergrad level. They...
I'm 2/3rds the way through A BA (Hons) in History. I will certainly be doing a masters straight after.
I've had a subscription for a few years. It's very amusing and my copy gets well thumbed through by others. The more trad members here would love it.
Thanks for the link about the Leland, Mrs Nonk and I thoroughly enjoyd reading them as each reviwer tried to out-do the last. 'Like a scene from Escape form New York' is rather negative!
Pinch me! Bye bye dickhead.
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