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I lived in SE Asia for a few years. I would recommend you visit Brunei, but I don't hate you. Personally I think Bali is a tourist hell dump, and Boracay, while having nice beaches is dull. My advice would be try a nice resort somewhere in Malaysia.
Albert Speer would have interested me muchly.
Oh yes, did I mention I met the woman of my dreams last summer and have been together for 8 months now! Every 37 year old undergraduate bloke should have a beautiful, 28 year old PhD girlfriend. She helps with papers!
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire 100% lack of class. Thank you. It is of course very indicative of class to point out other's perceived lack of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I got a midterm back this week. After the test I thought I had gotten a low 80. It came back with an 88 though. ^_^ 29/30 for the essay questions. It was a nice end to an otherwise shitty week. Nice one! I too am riding the wave of euphoria that comes from a decent academic performance. (3 modules last semester; 3 'firsts') I have slight worries though, as I have to produce 2 papers by the time I...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Nonk, do you think boot camp would be a good idea for young Connor McCloud? The Parachute Regiment or the Household Division would do him the world of good! If he went to the Household Division, he could join my father's old Regiment, The Irish Guards. That would be interesting, to see what they made of him and his ideas!
Conne, even your screwed up view of the UK would be hard pressed to place Leicester in Ireland.
Completely different from our system, although, we too have endless complications to the so-called system. There are specialist units which, while not strictly 'Special Forces', are formed from regular soldiers who undertake in-house selection. The Pathfinder Platoon of 16 Air-Moblie Brigade and the the Brigade Recce troop of 3 Commando Brigade etc etc are various examples. These are seen as a good grounding for full-up Special Forces selection. Also, while we...
Globetrotter, We have no 'conscripts' here, we are an all volunteer Armed Forces, but taking your point to mean new recruits, no we recruit from seasoned troops, not directly from civilian life. (Hence the age profile of our Special Forces tends to be older than in the US for example) Applicants for Special Forces selection (well, SAS and SBS anyway, but I presume the new SRR is the same) have to have served a few years first; 3 I think. There are exceptions of...
Charlton Heston is Soylent Green!!!!
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