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I have had a Smart for years and personally I think that this debate is not particularly sophisticated, but then again, perhaps in the US you have a simpler system of regulation of vehicles. In the UK there are distinct advantages in driving a Smart. We have an annual road tax based on CO2 emissions. When the latest changes take effect, I will pay £30 pa to tax my Smart against £270 for family saloon type vehicles and £455 or there about for SUVs. (all approximate...
I wish I was finished. I have been ill for a few weeks and so I am now behind, with two papers to submit in the next few weeks and then two exams. Performance wise, I got 3 'firsts', two '2:1's' and a '2:2' (don't ask) in my first year and in the first semester of my second year I got 3 'firsts'. (we have 3 modules per semester) I have had 3 papers returned this semester and have scored 'firsts' in them all, so hopefully I will not screw up the remaining papers...
The Irish Story: Telling Tales and Making It Up in Ireland by Roy Foster. Recommended.
These are all quality offerings compared to the genuine worst TV show ever: Imagine a sitcom set in 1938. Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun live in an apartment block next to a Jewish couple. Hilarity ensues in 'Heil Honey, I'm Home' This was actually made in 1990, but only one episode was broadcast. Oh yes, to make matters worse, its done in the style of 1950 US sitcoms. This abomination is on youtube for the tired of life.
This is so much fun. Best thread in ages! I think violence is coming! My money is on the big black guy.
I do find it surprising, and yet, given the situation Conne finds himself in, perversely welcome that your students share rooms! It seems to me that it is a case of a student engaging with a culture that he has a minimum of information about, and yet every time he voices an opinion, his genuine lack of in depth knowledge and understanding of that situation and culture is embarrassingly exposed with every word. Ironic or what!
Visconti, Vegetable resin, so every one is unique. Write beautifully and good value. I prefer Mrs Nonk's to my much more expensive Conway Stewart.
I have a Conway Stewart, which is nice to look at but doesn't write that brilliantly. The Visconti I bought Mrs Nonk (at about 1/4 of the price) is nicer and much more fun to write with. (The red one)
Are they clearing space for another attempt at the Volkshalle?
I like to think 5' 11", but its just under. I have the physique of a God. Buddha.
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