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I almost always wear a minimum of a tweed jacker/blazer, leather soled shoes and a french cuffed shirts every day for anything more than cleaning. As it has been mild, but dry, I have also been wearing my covert coat a lot recently and this has attracted considerable (positive) comment it has to be said.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Once I tried a brush and soap, there was no way I would ever go back to aerosols. I only regret that that I discovered this sensual pleasure comparatively late in life. +1
I too have been on a spending spree, having realised that I (for myself anyway) have bought very little in the last year (apart from a beautiful Ede & Ravenscroft jacket at Christmas with some moleskin trousers and matching waistcoat from Clarke & Dawe.) In the last few weeks, I have bought: 5 Lewin shirts in variety of patterns in their opening promotion here in Leicester 4 Dior silk hankies that I got for £5 each in Jethwa Tailors in Leicester, as he wanted rid...
I use Trumpers soap, shave at least 6 times per week and they last 6 months or more each. It's cheaper, hows that for an argument in the current climate! Get a brush on sale from a reputable stockist (search for the usual suspects) Personally I prefer my Taylors brush to my Trumpers, it didnt lose a single hair when new whereas the Trumpers model had me panicking for a while.
Cordovan. Looks like plastic, I threw mine in the bin (seriously) Lobbs. Look like a seventies pimp designed them. I've been to the factory a few times and I am not surprised they have a shop filled to the brim, quite who wants most of these things? Edward Green. Again, I have a pair, nice and all, but not worth twice the price of C&J handgrades. Lewin shirts, only moderately better than the dreadful Tyrwhitt, yet they seem to be the bargain shirt of choice...
Thanks. I have just found this thread and my suit specs are very similar to that sported by Bertie Wooster in the second pic:
Quote: Originally Posted by B1FF I was going to suggest Europe but you beat me with this more specific answer. Go on Conne, just for fun, lets assume I was aware that the Emerald Isle was perhaps the best place. Narrow it down a bit for me mate?
I seem to be having no luck with the internet these days, so can anyone recommend a seller, preferably in the British Isles of quality Irish blackthorn sticks? My father uses one (was part of his uniform) and I would quite like one myself to assist in longer walks (Twice suffered a complete Achilles rupture, so have been taking it easy for a year or two) I am after the proper, knobbly cudgel headed type.
Quote: Originally Posted by sayaret the whole thom browne look generic office-wear black shirt with any colored tie guido, ed hardy, eurotrash, that whole category fat people in converses etc Have we met?
The price depends on postage cost and exchange rates, so is yet to be calculated, but I would imagine in the region of $15 to $20. It will take at least a week to post all the images etc as A. I'm recovering from illness and can't allow myself to take on too much, and B. there are a large number of designs available. This is merely a 'warning order', I will start a proper thread when I have all the details. I was trying to see if it was worth the extra effort to...
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