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Quote: Originally Posted by javyn She's fine as hell, but my gf looks a lot like her, so I could be biased I hope you die soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy I "borrowed" it from one of those websites that show paparazzi and celebrity pictures and make fun of them. I think it was Thanks, but unlikely to have further details then. Shame, I am sure I recognise one of the Army Air Corps guys, just can't remember his name.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy Also love the military uniforms. Can you give me the link to this pic, I think I know someone in it.
Always in morning dress and black tie. Occassionally otherwise. (maybe once or twice a month) I have also encountered problems with buying a single flower, but have at times been given one for free! Expect plenty of 'are you going to a wedding?' comments.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I'm just waiting for some poster from the UK to say that it means it's normal to rape a bird.... Hence the joke: Q. What would you do if a bird shat on your head? A. Chuck her.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty If we (I live in Indy) get F1 back for 2008, you should consider attending the race. Monty, have you been to that race? What are your thoughts on F1. I have been to a few F1 races but I would like to hear an American racefan's opinion of the series, compared with the US alternatives.
The second season of Rome has been on in the UK the last few weeks. I am head over heels in love with Gaia! Crazy bitch, but so hot it should be illegal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 Which part(s) of my post did you take offense to? None! I would just rather Conne did a stint in the Army and I will accept no reasoned argument to the contrary. Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara When will you be running off to the combat zone? I've done my time already Conne. Apply for a 26 counties passport and join the Royal Irish, they are part of 16 Air...
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo really now, there's not even any sport in it. Yeah, sorry. I knew it as soon as I had typed it!
The first time my Dad asked me to lift something for him in the yard because he he thought it might be too heavy for him was a big moment in my life. I think I was around 18 and he must have been near 50, but it was still a shock. (I am one of the few who manage to achieve the feat of being shorter than their father, so it was not a question of me pushing some weak old man out of the way!) I joined the Army at 16 (we start them young here!) and my father has never...
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