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I cannot offer any advice about tailors, but I can recommend you get yourself to Darling Massage, Sukumvit Soi 12.
'My other car also has a sticker detailing some at best mildly amusing phrase which I unaccountably think is hilarious and display because I think I can buy a personality for 99 cents' On second thoughts, not snappy enough! Seriously though, does anyone actually still display bumper stickers? They died out here in 1976 when the novelty wore off after 15 minutes.
Good bumper sticker is an oxymoron.
Quote: Originally Posted by Omegablogger Take a look at their Google adwords; Jermyn St Shirts For £25? NO, Those are a Con, Made Overseas! The Real McCoy is Made in the UK by So, do they have a point? Yes, CT and Lewin foreign made shirts are rubbish.
Quote: Originally Posted by Countertenor So yours is the front-of-the-lapel type? The only ones I see on ebay (right now, anyway) seem to be the front type. I'd be looking for a back-of-the-lapel type. Anthony Jordan's seems ideal, but I gather he sold it a couple years ago. It is not a front of the lapel type. Mine is exactly* as shown in the pic. (*almost) It stays attached to the underside of the lapel by way of a clip which will show...
Quote: Originally Posted by skyhandglow So I just spent 30 minutes ironing my new shirt and although a great improvement, still many folds/wrinkles remain.....What am I doing wrong? Or does my iron just suck? I have it on cotton, max steam...... All the things that have been said already re washing first, ironing when damp etc are correct, but can I ask who made the shirt? I have found the lesser Jermyn St brands for example impossible...
Omegablogger, thanks for that link, I'm placing an order.
Quote: Originally Posted by Countertenor So where could I get that? I got mine on ebay. I dont use it much as it can be seen when worn.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Poor little dude. People carrying him around and showing him off like he is a little monkey and there is nothing he can do about it. Jesus. Is that why he wants to transfer to a different school?
Is this the painting Conne keeps in the attic?
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