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Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red All this hand-wringing over one new poster who asked an admittedly "silly" question and got his knickers in a knot because he got a few wisecracks in reply? WTF did he expect? Agreed. I took the initial post to be an elaborate and amusing 'wah' and responded accordingly. No offence was intended to the member. If I and others are to be berated for our response, I would point out that we did...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nonk I have not seen Clarinteplayer for ages? I can now confirm that clarinteplayer is still alive!
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter that's the way I feel, every morning..... Nice one!
You are welcome.
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater If I ever go to England I'm going to wear a regimental stripe every day and if anyone says something I'm going to say that it's the stripe for the "Imperial Macedonian Guard" Fair enough, as they are unlikely to beat you to a pulp in the street, unlike some Guardsmen just back from 'The Stan'.
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater Yeah, we should all reciprocate for the respect that the English show for other cultures. There are other cultures?
Another cultural Chernobyl.
No way man, f**k them, limey w**kers, just wear your ties! I recommend this one from a random selection, these guys will not mind in the slightest. http://www.smartturnout.co.uk/acatal...o_2_29_11.html On secoind thoughts, to fit in better in London, try this one, they will love it when they see an American wearing it. http://www.smartturnout.co.uk/acatal..._10_HD_11.html You might as well make an impression! Only joking, nice to see someone from your...
This is a pointless debate. Beckham could be last in the world's top 500 never mind top five and be light years above this new league.
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