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What to look for in an apartment? All of the above, however if it was a member of the horrid 'working classes' answering the question, I would presume the answer would be the owners wallet, porn stash and wifebeater. Mulligan, release the hounds and fetch me a drink.....
Quote: Originally Posted by Wings_2006 Hahaha.. No, but my husband does have pictures of himself in his teenage years with the long hair, the tattooed female on his shoulder, and the diamond stud piercing in his ear.. How I wish I had known him then. Claire Do you want to buy some?
Quote: Originally Posted by Wings_2006 Nonk, is your military all volunteer? Yes.
Here is a link giving the details of one of the undermensch who would lower the tone of the neighbourhood and who 'Claire' feels should be made more comfortable by having his family housed in a trailer park when they visit him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Norton_%28GC%29 Unfortunately he would not actually be able to get into the trailer, as 'Claire' has pointed out that wheelchair ramps are unsightly and may affect property values.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wings_2006 Okay for the sake of being liked, let me just agree with everyone on this forum and the internet altogether. As if I care if people don't like me for having an opinion. An opinion that is shared by those in the community you posted about. I'm not coming out of nowhere with this. It's already been voiced, I'm simply seconding their concerns. Claire Claire, the residents of Grays Lane are possibly the...
Claire, you do realise that you could quite easliy become the most hated person on the internet with your remarks?
Quote: Originally Posted by Wings_2006 I'm going to venture a guess and say that you don't live in a multi-million dollar community. If that is the case, I don't expect you to understand how something as simple as a wheel chair ramp going up along the front of a property can really lower property values. If you think I'm an elitist, and with that I'm crass and bigoted, well so be it. The simple fact is..... these things do have an impact on housing...
'Claire' Perhaps you should have thought of these questions before you compared the use of an existing property to provide accommodation for the families of servicemen and women visiting their seriously injured relatives in a nearby specialist rehabilitation centre with the building of a jail. Before you suggested that they would ruin the neighbourhood being members of lower orders and that they should be held on a trailer park reservation instead. Your remarks...
Go away.
I was going to post a robust response to 'Claire's' remarks, addressing the issues she has raised. I was going to, but I genuinely refuse to believe, having read her further remarks on the subject, that any member of this forum could be so stupid, naive, boorish, bigoted and moronic. As such, it is clear that her posts are just an elaborate 'wah' as suspected, so I will not waste my time with a complete and comprehensive response.
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