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Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Lol. I don't expect the forum's favorite sectarian murdderer to return. Just tyring to highlight the fact that the West's most anti-democrtatic state has been in her midst for decades without anyone (well, few have) acknowledging it on a large scale. FAO MODS Is there a forum rule against being called a murderer here?
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby So, Nonk, you feel that a child would be better off as a ward of the state than he would if he was adopted by two affluent male parents who could provide him with the best education, medical care, etc? Yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Haha. Nonk, is it just the word you don't like them using? Or do you really not want them to have the benefits? Neither
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn But what you're doing affects other people's lives. What did they ever do to affect yours? You have no less to gain from two gay people marrying each other. However, when a bunch of you get together and vote in a law that prevents two gay people from getting married, you're denying them a host of rights that they're entitled to, just for the sheer satisfaction of your so-called moral values. It's really...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara You do realize that arguing with Nonk is not dissimilar to arguing with a wall? What is wrong with that? I would not respect a man who gave up his principles just because some person did not like them and argued against them for 5 minutes. Not likely in this case, I appreciate. I may not like homosexual 'marriage' and adoption of children but I admire the bravery of those trailblazers who have...
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater Are you also opposed then to heterosexual marriages where procreation is impossible? For example, are you opposed to infertile people marrying? Are you opposed to old people who are beyond child-bearing age marrying? I don't have to change your mind on the subject, I just take satisfaction in the fact that I am right and you are wrong. No, they can adopt.
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater 1. My definition is based in reason and logic, while yours is based in emotion and indoctrination. Therefore, my definition carries more authority. 2. All of the reasons why the state has established and supports marriage apply equally to gay people as they do to straight people. Therefore, there is no reason to deny it to gay people. Marriage is basically a contractual relationship that comes with certain...
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater And what is this country that you are going to skip off to that has a better judicial systems, more access to the legal process, more protection of litigants and fairer outcomes than the United States? Are you drunk?
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater And what makes your definition the authoritative definition on the subject? Gay people shouldn't be allowed to marry because you don't want them to? I don't get why people care what other people are doing with their private lives, especially when it causes them absolutely no harm. Ok. 1.What makes your definition the authorative definition on the subject? 2. Whether they should or should...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon What`s wrong with gay marriage anyway? Lots, its an oxymoron. PC be damned, marraige is a state of affairs between a man and a woman. Civil partnership etc maybe, but lets not pretend these partnerships are a marriage, as by my defintion they cannot be.
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