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Quote: Originally Posted by RJman That would be useful for drunk-tanking Conne now and then, although I would foresee a mob rule risk... Ahhhh Can we Dad plleaseeeee?
blue on blue? Don't like the sound of that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Not_A_Nimby I live in a community where the houses rarely sell for less than $1M. We would be proud to have such an addition to our area. There are many retired servicemen locally, including an ex-Commander of the royal yacht. We raise money for causes such as this, but it will never be enough to repay the debt we owe to the people who fought and continue to fight for us. If you think yourself above another human being...
I'm sparticus. and so is my wife.
If you are unsure, cover the walls in cling film first. That way if you do not like the colour, you can simply peel it off!
That is what I was implying, yes. I mean tatoos, long hair, all a bit trailer park isn't it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Wings_2006 You guys totally got off subject here. Anyone here with long hair, tattoos, and piercings please stand up. Claire you forgot to add 'against the wall'
Coins? Rubbish, but useful for throwing at beggars and the feral children of the working classes should them impede ones progress.
That's awful. Could 'Daddy' not have a word with the Superintendent of Poilce when next in the bar at the Golf Club and get this harrassment stopped? It must be near impossible to keep to under 20mph for example, in a Range Rover or similar vehicle.
Quote: Originally Posted by Not_A_Nimby Or Perry (like the chipmunk) 'Yes Mr Patersonnnnnnnnnn........ Fank you very much Mr Patersonnnnn.....' Not that Perry? Try Kopparberg pear cider, delicious.
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