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My former partner Georgina found my renditions of 'Straight Outta Compton' hilarious. Apparently I am 'white, just so totally white'. Oh well, a bitch is a bitch....
The Dunhill London that I have just got for free for taking out a subscription to GQ.
No problem, give me a bit of time, I'm on it! I have some other pics of most of them, so any queries, please ask, I'll see what I can do.
So here it is folks, the Pantherella blowout as promised. The socks are all genuine Pantherella, made in England. They are a mixture of either 70% cotton lisle/30% nylon or 80% cotton lisle/20% nylon. They are sized either UK 6-81/2 (Euro 39-42 Medium) or UK 9-11 ½ (Euro 43-46 Large) It should be noted that I take a UK 10 in shoes and the medium fits fine. They all reach mid calf. The prices are:\t 1 pair \t$15 \t\t 2 pairs\t$28\t\t \t\t 3...
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 ^^^ Whats your intention there? 1. Teach the guy a lesson? 2. Revenge for the dishonour? 3. Preserve someone's safety? While my first inclination might also be to sock the guy 1. Who is going to learn the lesson when you get arrested or get the shit kicked out of you. In his buddies' minds you hitting him might be cause to teach you a little lesson. 2. Not only is that a dumbass reason in this day of...
Rather morbidly, I own a number of 'funeral' ties, and even a black armband. Thankfully I have not had to use them recently. Personally I think solid gray suit, white shirt and a black tie is fine. I do wear a pocket hankie, either plain white or plain black.
I was actuallly in a fist fight recently, of which I am not proud, but he was a bully type who did threaten me violence repeatedly, so I got in first to defend myself and I was quite severely mentally ill at the time, so it doesn't really count. (in terms of rational decision making) Best avoided of course and every situation has to be judged in its merits, but I would not be slow in protecting my family or friends. Violence against any of the female members...
Unless things have changed greatly since i used to visitt the shop, the shirts come with very long sleeves and Smyth & Gibson will set the length for each customer.
Excuse my ignorance; G&G?
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