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Quote: Originally Posted by Oldboy Has anyone else seen Dead Man's Shoes? A violent revenge flick anchored by a haunting performance from Paddy Considine, who some are comparing to a young De Niro. A favourite of mine. Some frightening intensity from Considine in some scenes.
Quote: Originally Posted by oneade Ok, I know this is a newbie question. I've tried the search and wikipedia but I can't figure how to distinguish between cordovan and other types of leather. Why is cordovan so popular? A question that I have pondered at length. I have yet to come up with an answer. so I will view this thread with interest.
How about borrowing a suit from a friend, or hiring one if such a thing is possible. I have myself had to resort to such measures in the past. Better that than a rushed, ill-advised purchase. Any members near this chap available to help out?
Try eBay.
Ask Krusty the Clown who his shoe supplier is. That should sort you out nicely.
a winner! Anyone remember MC Miker G & Deejay Sven?
I am reluctant to provide figures, as I would not want to damage someone's business by misquoting, but I seem to remember around £200-300 for the last and approx £500-600 for the shoes I think. I have invited the owner to have a look at this thread and answer any queries. Hopefully he will post some shoe porn from my home town!
Carrying on from my advocacy of Smyth & Gibson of Belfast shirts recently, I thought I would make the members aware of a new bespoke shoemaker, also in Northern Ireland. Robinsons of Carrickfergus, a long established cobbler have expanded, and taken on an Eastern European chap and now offer a full-bespoke service. Robinsons are trying to position themselves as a centre of excellence for shoes in Northern...
Why not consider a US based merchant? Our own Kent Wang has beautiful squares, he wont dig his arm in over shipping and if you are only ordering one or two items they will easily slip through customs avoiding import tax , VAT etc etc. I have often taken a chance with such things, and apart from a Sierra Trading Post order have always avoided taxes. That's what the Chancellor of the Exchequer and a Pelican have in common... They can both stick their bills up...
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