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That sport coat is friggin fantastic. Googling it now.
I just realized it was you the other day. Will do.
Where are the photos of clothes you nitwits?   You're all discussing other persons' lifestyle, etc again just as you did with that guy who was posting fake photos of himself. You guys are insufferable in that regard.   BTW, patrickBOOTH, I see you in and around Variety on Graham often.
I agree that it looks a little big, even a tad in the shoulders. I really like the play of textures and stripes and such. I can't get behind ever not wearing a belt though.
It's not super nice nor very dressy, but functional with a whimsy to it. Buttonholes- schmuttonholes, it's a raincoat.
Super amazing coat. Great find.
But those trousers on their own look amazing.
I completely agree, if that means anything to you.
I would advise against it and I'm normally open to 'stepping out' kind of clothing. Wear some dark brown shoes for everyone's sake please.   As a side note, I walked by a guy today wearing a blue shirt, navy tie, navy pants and navy socks. I don't know what color his shoes were as I had to look away. He looked like a smurf.
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