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Could be. This jacket looks good on you though. I may not have seen everything you've posted but this jacket stands out as fitting better than most anyway. Regarding the trousers, can you have them tailored at all? There's a mangina thing going on plus the diaper like puffy-ness below the belt. I'd imagine you could purchase a larger size and have the waist taken in no?
I suspect something like this. If like he says about being slim elsewhere but having a large behind and thighs, that could be the diaper effect i often see as well.
With the exception of the trousers (actually a lot of your trousers fit a bit oddly), I think this jacket fits better than anything you've posted in the past 4 months. It's flattering. I don't think a lot of your clothing fits are complimentary to your physique. This one is.
+1 for the shirt love. This gent continually wears stellar shirts.
Yeah, that's great and super relevant to WAYWRN.  Also, horrible trailer for a horrible premise.   cue in stitches: I'm a joo!   EDIT: also
I can only hope that you were on the set of Portlandia
Yes. Very true. How about this, do you think the fit Kaplan posted is stylish or is it rather pedestrian?
Who mentioned socks or pocket squares?   Blue on blue, especially that blue on blue is incredibly boring. not nor
Seriously? How hard, if your clothes fit, is it to mess up when you go so safe? I see this often here on SF. ie. Medium grey suit, white shirt, dark blue, very understated, tie. Then I yawn and then I nap. Then I go back to the thread later and see "Wow, so amazing. Wish I could do that" and I think dear God, no wonder there are so many awful outfits if people can't get the most basic of basics into their brains and think THIS is so stylish.    He would look more...
  AMEN. He looks good, but some of the fits posted in this thread, like this one, are a little safe - a little 'style-less' instead of stylish.
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