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Disagree. Dandy leprachaun with loafers at that. Sorry.
Or any wedding or formal to semi formal young adult event in the Tri-State area.
I was looking for a way to say this. My words came out all bitchy and mean.   Tighter and shorter are in fashion. However, proportions still play and there is too tight and too short. 'Fashion' isn't carte blanche for anything goes. There is still "That doesn't look right on you".
+1   I think the jacket would be nice if it fit.
I think this is fantastic. Nothing else to say. Well done.
I think the jacket fits correctly. Your shirts make things look off. Slightly longer in the blazer won't hurt, but I don't think this one looks too short.
  Pro tip: Don't post horribly exposed photos.   Thanks, Everyone
Nice. I think this would look great without a tie and maybe a yellow ps. 
Ok, just kill me.
Please. Make it stop.   Braddock. Well done. Like Holdfast said, not my taste, but stylish.
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