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This "It's European" is not an excuse for ill-fitting clothing.  Everyone please stop saying this. It's not a preference thing, nor a traditional or regional thing.
Also, the sleeves are too narrow and the trousers are stacking and fit more like jeans throughout. The gentleman has a good eye for clothes, but not for how they should fit.
This outfit is nice, it's a shame nothing fits correctly, like not even a little. A lot of potential. Perhaps stop doing pushups and eating for 2 months or buy larger clothing and get a new tailor?
Sorry, it's not you then that I was thinking of. There is somebody here, however that it seem button stance is all they ever talk about. Button Stance has been mentioned in over 175 pages of posts however, but obviously not by you. My apologies.
Overly concerned about something one should perhaps not be so overly concerned about..,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=6746ca4ba68dd9f9&biw=1216&bih=918
Ouch. I just went to the WAYWRN Peacock thread and my eyes are now bleeding. Thanks everyone..
  Because GQ jumped the shark long ago and is no longer Gentlemen's Quarterly, but now is mostly a rag for kids who don't know any better - pop star sillyness. 
Looking to purchase a very nice condition or new Hickey 2-button, navy suit with notched lapels in size 40R (50). 
Screw any rules, old or new. Loafers are ugly and should not be paired with a suit. They used to say don't do it because it's ugly and one is formal and the other is not. The real reason: it looks stupid.
    nevermind. i suck at the internets i guess. 
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