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Your tie knot is too small for your wide spread collar. Your tie knot is too small for the width of your face. Your tie knot is too small for the lapels of your jacket. You want proportions, look at something that is more pleasing and make the calculations yourself. It looks off, because it's off. You're right, there's no golden ratio, but because there isn't doesn't mean small looks good with big.   If one is wearing a spread collar such as yours, you are best served...
It's a nice shirt collar.    You don't have a problem because it's Foo, not because it isn't wrong. There's even more wrong with the tie knot as it isn't in proportion to his face either, let alone what he's wearing.
You're right. I felt like I needed to soften a bit I guess. Now my dick feels small. 
Translation: The proportions aren't working
I am confused about the tie knot, shirt collar and lapels of the coat.   The tie knot somehow screams micro penis to me..more so because of the shirt collar. I'm thinking very overweight gentleman whose gut overhangs and obscures what looks to be undersized but in reality is probably normal, junk. I know you're supposed to be this very refined, opinionated gent here who gets a lot of respect, but these are my thoughts upon viewing the photo and I'm probably wrong.
In what universe would you wear a 46? Slap the person who said that might be your size. 
Nice to see you Colonel S
It's not the pics, it's the clothing. I too thought you were small in stature. 
Can't say that I hate jeans with a random sport coat. Just keep it simple. You're not trying to dress anything up, you're just wearing a sport coat. I'm actually more adverse to khaki colored chinos and any sport coat. Feels mormon, republican 80s, prep school but not. Dunno.
I'm not sure how we aren't saying the same thing. Was my statement an exaggeration, perhaps, that's an opinion. As you said, "It has significant fit issues". How are fit issues not wrong? If it doesn't fit correctly it's not right.. Right?
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