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LOL agreed
How much is a little? [_____________________________] <- would that be sufficient? I'm looking for the littlest possible that I can get away with.
I think this is a load of horse shit excusing poor taste/style, etc. If someone is in the circus and is dressed like a clown, while it may be appropriate, they are still dressed like a clown.
in stitches looking better and better with each post - upped your game for sure.
I'm not sure exactly what it is, but in general, you are an annoying individual. Your clothing, never ending opinion and inordinate stream of posts aren't helping.
+1 Great look
I'm not alluding to it. I'm saying it. It's not a pretension. I'm a visual artist. What do you do, perhaps I can break it down for you differently? How is it not a truth? I'm not making something up. We look at things and they are either harmonious or they aren't. Some things are pleasing in proportion and some are not. In music, something sounds harmonious or it sounds discordant, right?
Visual harmony. You have interrupted it. Fuck everything else and your misconceptions about what I'm getting at. (read, trying to weasel out of a mistake with the queens english in an attempt to sound smart).   Also, I find it quite interesting that when you blatantly break any so called rules you get in a bit of a tizzy, but one could very easily look through your critiques and see nothing but "rote rules of thumb" or worse, laws of tailoring.
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