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I want my clothes to be ethical, but it's ridiculously difficult to figure out if they are or not. The first thing is that I won't buy a 200€ shirt made anywhere in Asia. I know that otherwise those people may not have job opportunities, but I don't feel right spending my money on modern slavery and giving US/EU brands maximum profits on it.   Unfortunately, that usually means that I have to buy from new local brands as they're the ones most likely to manufacture...
True. If they did then I wouldn't have bought them.
My best fitting slim shirts are the cheapest ones I got. Zara Man superslim fit.
In my office there's always someonewearing french blue with yellow ties. I can't help thinking it looks awful but apparently I'm in the minority.
I don't know how much they add but I got my shirt in euro slim fit and it is quite snug so it can't be much.
I just got a shirt from them. I took my measurements just like their videos show and the fit is excellent. The fabric isn't bad but it's not great either. 100% cotton. However I don't need über-fancy shirts for my work and play situations so I'm happy considering the price.
Nothing against streetwear in general but unless you're an actual berber I'm 250% sure that you have definitely not grown up if you wear shitpants. Anyway, growing up is not a necessity, it's a choice. I myself have only recently decided to grow up although I must say I've always found them drop-crotches quite awful.
Hence the "shitpants" monicker.
Call me crazy but I don't think people don't wear black shirts because of what the "experts" on this site say   Out of curiosity, does this complimented style of yours include a tie with the black shirt?
At least it doesn't look as bad as the blazer-hoodie combo.
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