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  Nope, but I didn't mention the price to the associate. Is the tailoring contingent on this?
I purchased a suit online and a local BB is telling me the normally included tailoring is not free because I ordered it online. The associate stated that if I had ordered it through her then it would have been. Is this true or are they being difficult for some other reason?
Received mine in 3 weeks and 3 days. The shoes are great and the seller is fast to respond to inquiries.
  The code worked for me, and ironically I grabbed the Fitz 1818 on clearance as well as two shirts. The suit came to $224.25 and the shirts $32.99 each.
Thanks for the F&F code. The 25% makes the clearance items attractively priced. Looking forward to the semi-annual.
Sigh double post on my first post.
Just PM'd regarding 11.5 EEE Black Park Aves.
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