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No, I am not talking about the combat boots with laces, of those there might be more than a dozen on SF. I mean laceless side zips: More and more stores seem to stock Buttero, mainly because of the sneakers, but why on earth do they also buy their ugly desert boots, hiking boots and boatshoes, but not the side zips? Can't understand that.  
Sooo, I hope this is the right thread for my question. There are a lot of Japanese sites that carry Buttero Side Zip Boots, but only at high prices and in small sizes. I have been trying to find those boots in Europe, but no luck. The closest I got was an old SF post about someone who bought them of Yoox and a closed ebay listing. My question is, have I missed a spot that carries them? If they really are Japan exclusive atm I hope they get more widely available with the...
Last year it did, but that was when most sizes were sold out and often only a single item was left.
Just ordered some new tees, I might take some pics of the stuff I have if I've got the time. New F/W stuff keeps poping up, the coats look clean. I really like these: and hope that they have a smaller waist than the usual trousers.  
Collection of Style (COS) has a lot of tees with a wider neckline. They fit rather slim, but also have narrow shoulders and very little taper. You won't get the fit you want if you are particularly built. Have a look at...
Yeah, I hand washed mine and also air dried them. Worked out fine. I think they simply made one tag for all the stuff made out of the "blue delave" fabric and put dry clean on it cause of the coat and blazer. The pics of the shorts ( also convinced me that the pants should be able to handle water ...
Hey, a question for everyone who owns the Blue Delave Relaxed Trouser. The tag says "Dry Clean only", but has anyone tried to hand wash them? Having to pay dry clean fees for something that is essential a pair of lounge pants would be a huge turnoff. Thanks in advance.  
I think there will be 70% off, I remember buying some hidden placket shirts for like 18 euros each last year.  
I got one of those in blue, a really nice and somewhat bright shade. It is thin an got a slight sheen to it. The fit is quite "traditional" imo, a boxy body with long sleeves and a normal neckline. I usually prefer shirts with more taper and a thicker fabric, but I kept that one mainly because of the colour.
I think LOVEMYDREAMBOX was supposed to work only for items that had been in your dreambox for some time. I just tested it with a random blazer and it seems to work even if you added the item only a minute before.  
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