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When I saw those on yoox they had 3 sizes available, 43,44 and 45. They run TTS, right? If they were to run 1 size large I'd have to bite myself in the ass for not buying them.
The coat I ordered lacked the detachable hood, which was the main reason I wanted it. Hope their mess is just temporary.
I think the consensus is that the boots run pretty much true to size, meaning that I don't even have to bother to drive to a store and try them on if I'm a 45 in Common Projects, right?
I agree. The Silk blend tee was even more disappointing.
I got bored and made a little comparison between items from this year and the one before. Not much to see really, except that there seem to be some "core" items that get...
All right, I've given up on the Butteros but need sizing help on some Fiorentini+Baker boots. Does anyone know what size I need in the 709/elf/slimjim models if I wear a 45 in Common Project sneakers?
I know that it's normal and I would never put an expensive knit in the wash. Just wanted to give a heads up cause the washing instructions on mine state "machine washable in wool program", and doing this will turn your cardigan in wool under armour.  
Got the first one from last season in gray, their wool stuff shrinks a lot after a wash. Mine became unwearable because the sleeves got too tight, I'd recommend to size up/have it fit loose before the wash.  
I have got no idea about track, but having a solid bench (or upper body strength in general) definitely helps with basketball. The carryover isn't as obvious as it is with a football lineman, but there is a healthy dose of pushing involved in basketball.
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