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I bought them from a german store called grundstoff.net. Continental clothing produces blank t-shirts and supplies mostly screenprinters. I bet I am vastly overpaying for them and you could get some sweet deals on bulk orders, but at 13€ a shirt I didn't bother to search for other stockists. For comparison, those american apparel sheer jersey loose crew summer t-shirts run 22€ a shirt over here and I haven't seen them go on sale. I would search for websites selling...
I got some rather slutty tees from continental clothing. I think they're called bamboo wide neck jersey t-shirts. 70% cotton 30% bamboo viscose, 150g / 4.4oz fabric weight. Very stretchy and a bit silky, with a very relaxed neckline. Price is very good imo. I'm definitely going to buy more of them.  
Thanks a lot guys. MoK, did you have any problems with the sleeve length after sizing up?  
I hope this is the right place to ask this, but is Oliver Spencer consistent with his sizing and if so, how does it run? Mainly interested in his outerwear. Thanks.  
Sorry if you answered this before, but how did you size those compared to some of the other stuff you own? edit: damn I'm slow
I have seen three different shapes/lasts used by MOMA. They offer one thats on the sleeker side. These have a rather squared toe and look quite bulbous. I think they are the same model that's available on yoox, but in a different leather/updated sole: http://www.yoox.com/de/44477545OO/item?dept=newarrivalsmen#sts=sr_newarrivalsmen80&cod10=44477545OO&sizeId= I can see them working if you really size down and fill out an otherwise elongated toe so to speak. Personally...
Allright, so I've gotten myself a pair of MOMAs and I quite like them. Still getting used to leather soled shoes, but they've broken in nicely by now. But two things are troubling me. First of all, how do I care for them? Most info I have found has been either on dress shoes/Aldens and polishing them to a sheen or snowsealing Redwings. I am searching for some kind of oil/cream/wax/whatever to moisten the leather without changing the colours drastically/giving them too...
Well, now the question is if any of the cool stuff Buttero does is available outside of Japan and in bigger sizes ...  
Ordered both of those some time ago, but the second ones in grey. Might be able to help once they arrive and I'm able to see them irl.
Hope this works.
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