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1. Make some more original 'designs;  2. Do not use the word 'Swag'. 3. Swag with a list of random alcoholic drinks is embarrassing, really really embarrassing. 4. The t-shirts/hoodies are boring. 5. As posted sort out grammar/spelling.  6. Why did you choose those cities, Glasgow and Abu Dhabi aren't related whatsoever. Stick to the simple ones ie. the bicycle they aren't that bad but personally I wouldn't buy them. You need to make them more interesting, more...
I'll pass.
Don't like the boots with the jeans, pull your jeans up. 
Bleu de Paname APC  Our Legacy Uniqlo COS Sunspel Nanamica M.H.L by Margaret Howell Berangere Claire Veja
What's the coat mate?
Exactly like the female A.P.C shop assistants. 
That stealth trench coat is so nice, I wish I could afford it haha
May have been answered before but are there any online stockists for this stuff you've been posting, tween_spirit? 
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