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Lots of tempting stuff coming, more than usual. Anything happen to have a 34~36 inseam?
Shout out to Nataku for the awesome Rag & Bone sweater. Great guy.
With Uncle Spoo's blessing, I am making the two LBM 1911 jackets I ordered avalible. Turns out they won't fit my long ass arms.   Size 40R, navy blue and grey. Still in the exact same condition Spoo sent them (NWT). PM for the deets.
The e in Hermès needs an accent, from what I understand.
Easy, that jacket is awesome. I would admittedly wear that if I was still living in the NW.
Hard to get much louder than duchamp.
WAYWRN: Jammies Edition
You are going to be hard pressed to find a better tie for the price. Yellowhook ties is the project of a style forum member, and are some of the best ties I own. You will not regret it. Infinitely better than and piece of crap from Tie Bar.
I'm in for two or three in different colors
New Posts  All Forums: