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In for the Marinella action.
Thanks, Spoo!
Regent espressos in my size still available and calling my name. Not sure how much longer I can hold out.
Scarlet Cruiser makes me weak at the knees.
Shoes were ruined before you even bought them.
 Thread is over. Man in the leopard suit won. This one gave me a serious laugh, thanks.
My Lobb Romsey II's are my favorite ankle boots, and some G&G suede chukkas are next on my list.
 As somebody who recently moved from Oregon, Portland has some crazy high prices at some locations. Not uncommon to see suits marked $50 and up, and at a certain location downtown $100+ ain't nothin' but a thing. Of course there is a still a lot to be had a "regular" thrift prices. Cucinelli and Isaia will fly under the radar while Zegna will be sky high. It all depends.
You might want to try posting this in the SW&D section. You will probably get some more constructive ideas.
I can't believe the outfits he comes up with just to troll this thread.
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