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The only thing that really matters when it comes to Barter Kings.
Flip flops.
Personally I think this is great, especially the jodhpurs.
For future reference, Plokhov/Cloak buttons should look like thisUnless I'm totally wrong and there are different versions.
Finally getting some good use out of the ignore button.
Big shout out to uncle spoo! For taking my hundreds of pounds of consignments and for hooking me up with an awesome Dale sweater. Should gets lots of use out of it during my winter travels.
 Jealous, I like Teagan & Sara.
Those dip shits in the sweaters sure dont look "masculine and confident" to me. Looks like they spent way too much time trying to make look like they didn't spend any time getting ready. I'm sure there is some reddit sub forum that also drools over the latest look book from Banana Republic. You will have much better luck there. Now where did that ignore button go......
I pass on the same except Burberry for flipping. I also pass on Thomas Pink almost always.
New Posts  All Forums: