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  The red one in particular
Was also going to big on the Panta bows, but got slammed at work.
So did Stitchies red Marinella tie pre sell or what?
Ahhhh another successful luxeswap transaction.
Will be bidding on every single one of Stitchies ties.
It's two large boxes actually.
Just home visiting family, will post some interesting finds in the thrift thread later in the week.
I got outbid on everything tonight. I need to consign more so I can kop more.
Yes, new with basting and $2500 original price tag. It was in the 70% clearance section after being marked way down. Same one Stitches is wearing in this picture.
Most of Florida is rubbish from my experience. Been a long time since I found something decent in a thrift. I did pick up some loro piana pieces in a west palm beach thrift though.I have had much better luck with outlets. I picked up a isaia peacoat for $90 and a drakes tie for $19 at the Orlando premium outlets the other day.
New Posts  All Forums: