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Concept is generally a good idea, although I would hope they index the 3 million to inflation. I didn't check the details, I assume they will a(ideally at the same rate as others such as social security, tax brackets, poverty line, and the law should also be changed so that minimum wage would be indexed similarly). Might also be better if the investment vehicles used were required to be broadly available on a market of some sort. i.e., individual stocks on a listing,...
These are the kind of facts that would make me entertain this kind of remedy. Assuming the plaintiff's property is so completely surrounded by the defendant molester's homestead to the point where an easement has been granted for exit and entry, I can entertain an argument as to why a forced sale should be required. I don't think the market for purchasing such a property is going to be high.
I (surprisingly) agree with Ataturk. It's not ludicrous on the face of it, and even if its never been done, it's seems to be an interesting legal approach for accounting for damages and worthy for consideration as a change in the law (unless clearly barred by statute or some other wrinkle I am too lazy to research).The request will probably get turned down on the merits but I don't think it needs to be flat out barred or something that leads to a risk of sanctions, etc.
There was realpolitik value in the 1st gulf war (successful attempt at US/UN protection of sovereignty, thus raising potential stakes for an invasion of another country and increasing American influence), and Afghanistan (retaliation and toppling of a government for supporting an attack on American soil). Not so much in the 2nd gulf war - it took the focus off Afghanistan, cost a shit ton of money, and pushed Iraq into Iran's orbit.
I considered whether it was a ratfucking operation, but I think it's too early in the cycle for that. Just some early good luck for McConnell. On the other hand, pumping up the numbers now might dissuade serious contenders and leave him with Ashley Judd (easy win for McConnell). Maybe it is a ratfucking operation. I couldn't figure out who or where the $1004 came from.
It is racist. That's exactly why McConnell is pushing it. He's got good facts, and the name of the organization certainly works for generating sympathy for his wife and him.
Electorally speaking, he kind of is, which is why his people decided to elevate and are pushing the story behind the scenes. Progress Kentucky is basically a political non-entity as a search of their FEC reports show that they have total receipts of $1004.McConnell is not really a natural campaigner; given Kentucky's strong conservative/GOP bent for national elections, he should be winning his elections by a lot more than he usually does. He won election with 49.9%, and...
New composite manufacturing and new battery technology. One of the issues around the 787 Boeings are that they being manufactured primarily out of composites, which is probably resulting in all kinds of new issues from the ground up. They also have some new battery technologies in the planes, which seem to be behind of the issues. Even things that work in one environment (traditional aluminum planes with traditional power sources) might have new issues in a new setting....
In my opinion, that tends to lead to more lobbyist influence, not less. Institutional knowledge tends to vest in the permanent lobbyist class; additionally, members that are exiting due to term limits start looking for new jobs and give away the store to lobbyists.
Yes and no. TP is backed by significant astroturf money and the combination does a good job of using primary election politics to gain outsized influence. TP wing is extremely dangerous for low turnout off-year primaries, which is the next election these house goppers will face.
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