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This is not correct. There isn't 200 years of precedent for a non speaking filibuster. Its a recent thing.
Strategically and tactically, getting rid of the filibuster favors the dems on most issues in the long run. GOP just has better party unity and was just a lot better at sustaining a filibuster. Moderate Dems are just too willing to compromise, moderate GOPs are scared of primaries from right wing. People talk about the threat of packing the courts with prolife judges, but the GOP was already doing that.
Why would you be free to shoot someone?
I think slowing down and following someone in your truck is a pretty aggressive act.
You don't live in VA, do you?If the Republicans actually believe this, the Democrats will keep winning the statewide seats more often then they should.Heavy funding only goes so far. There are diminishing returns with campaign money.also, 2013 is an off-off year for elections. No presidential race on the ballot, nor any off year federal elections. Turnout models should favor the republicans.
Elizabeth Warren is not running. She's fine with being Senator for life from Massachusetts and she has the committee seat she wants.
I think I made 300 terrible mcaulliffe jokes in the past 2 months. I voted for him, but I wished Perriello had run.
Republicans would have won VA big if Lt. Gov. Bolling was the nominee, not Cucinelli. Cucinelli managed to manipulate the nomination process so that the GOP nominee for governor was selected at a party meeting, not in a primary. Hard right has been using this tactic for the past couple of elections for Senator and it's basically been handing VA to the Democrats. Nothing is going "emboldens non-TPers in the GOP a bit more" in Virginia. Sarvis was irrelevant. My...
And there's a good chance that anybody that think like you are going to be confused by this ballot. I wonder if a lot of NYers think the State Supreme Court is the highest court as it's actually the trial level court in NY and the Court of Appeals is the highest court.I find it weird that there's nothing in the bill for the intermediate appellate court, but whatever.
Even if they didn't approve the backpay, this was going to be true.
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