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Fascinating look (at least, to me) at how the USC/LA Times poll is possibly off. Apparently the polling panel includes a 19 year African American male* Trump supporter, and since its a set panel (that is, they are using the same group of people for each poll throughout the election) and since the poll weighs for things like 18 - 21 year old men, this one guy is distorting everything. As explained in the article, weighing usually doesn't get that...
Impeached, never convicted.
You have to ask this question 51 times, once for each electoral jurisdiction. It will depend on 50 individual state laws as well as the DC electoral law.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯Uncharted waters.Afaik, Trump will not withdraw. Presidential electionsare really 51 separate elections. Not sure you can, for example, reprint absentee ballots. Not sure you can force changes in the electors. Not sure who was picking them (campaign, state party, primary voters, etc) and it is probably too late and probably varies from state to state.If this was one election system it could be done (see Wellstone death, Torricelli dropout) but GOP is probably...
Didn't the factory owner sue the United States in the US court system? That would make your example irrelevant.They did:http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-dc-circuit/1527197.htmlAnd it was dismissed on political question grounds and thus essentially not permitted in US courts. Its a terrible example unless you're trying to argue it should not be permitted in court.
Of course it is intended to disenfranchise voters.Voter id only covers in person voting; it doesnt cover, for example, absentee voting. In person voter fraud is practically nonexistent (31 incidents among over 1 billion ballots casted between 2000 and 2014).https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2014/08/06/a-comprehensive-investigation-of-voter-impersonation-finds-31-credible-incidents-out-of-one-billion-ballots-cast/absentee ballot fraud is more common (although...
Yeah, Pence is aiming to put himself on the front of the 2020 list.
I think Rubio has one more shot left in him if Hillary wins and if he's willing to go in 2020. Jeb, I think, is done. Rand never had a chance.
Typical pool of Democratic candidates includes VPs, Senators and Governors. But a large number of Democratic governors and senators from moderate states got slaughtered in 2010 and 2014, and what was left was oldtimers with no chance, new senators from the 2012 cohort with no large constituency, or extreme liberals from coastal states.(Most governor races are off year races btw.)Had Hillary not run I think Kirsten Gillibrand would have taken a shot at it. As it was, the...
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