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the kobe bean don't fall very far from the jelly bean tree.
Hillary is really the only winner on the Democratic side, if only by attrition. From the medias point of view, her potential opponents included Warner in VA, O'Malley in MD, Biden, and Cuomo (talk about a regional, racial, and gender bias; every single one of these guy is white male cover by a major media market); Warner barely held on, O'Malley's guy lost in MD, and Joe Biden is Obama's VP, in addition to still being Joe Biden.Cuomo's the only guy left as he won last...
Fairfax County always comes in late. GOP needs to be up by a lot in the early votes, otherwise the Democrat will catch them as the returns come in.In the end, Warner was beatable. Gillepsie should have never taken his foot off the pedal; he essentially conceded a few weeks back and it turns out it was closer than he realized.
Right now I think the net result will be 53-47, GOP control. I think, however, it will take a few months as I think Orman will win in KS, and GA and LA will go to runoff. Orman will announce who he is caucusing with after the GOP gets that 51st Senator, which will depend on runoff dates. I think the Dems will win only one of the NC, CO, and Iowa triumvirate.
Atlanta's ownership groupings (yes, I use plurals on purpose) is dysfunctional. Levenson wants the other group to buy him out and this is as good of a time as any, with the 2 billion sale of the clippers being part of the valuation.
Venue would be in Austin because the statehouse is in Austin. The group would be based in Austin because most of the evidence and acts would be likely to be in Austin, especially any investigation into pay to play lobbying and campaign donation scandals.(Edit: distance from TX Statehouse to Travis County courthouse - 1.7 miles; the Travis County DA's office is one block (possibly across the street) from the Travis County Courthouse. This sub two mile distance is...
According to the main Austin and Houston papers, it appears that Travis County DA and other Democratic officials from Travis county recused themselves. According the Houston paper, a Republican judge then appointed the special prosecutor that put out the indictment and is handling the...
The trademark is apparently owned by Pinnacle. I know nothing else so far. http://trademarks.justia.com/857/40/crosby-square-85740407.html My guess is it is a revived brand with the shoes being contracted out to random factories.
I heard 662 million or thereabouts. Not sure if there is any way to reduce that.
I was thinking more in terms of preferential business deals for an owner's other businesses (for example, some kind of media or broadcast company). Benefit doesn't end up on the NBA books, where labor has better bargaining power.
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