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Elizabeth Warren is not running. She's fine with being Senator for life from Massachusetts and she has the committee seat she wants.
I think I made 300 terrible mcaulliffe jokes in the past 2 months. I voted for him, but I wished Perriello had run.
Republicans would have won VA big if Lt. Gov. Bolling was the nominee, not Cucinelli. Cucinelli managed to manipulate the nomination process so that the GOP nominee for governor was selected at a party meeting, not in a primary. Hard right has been using this tactic for the past couple of elections for Senator and it's basically been handing VA to the Democrats. Nothing is going "emboldens non-TPers in the GOP a bit more" in Virginia. Sarvis was irrelevant. My...
And there's a good chance that anybody that think like you are going to be confused by this ballot. I wonder if a lot of NYers think the State Supreme Court is the highest court as it's actually the trial level court in NY and the Court of Appeals is the highest court.I find it weird that there's nothing in the bill for the intermediate appellate court, but whatever.
Even if they didn't approve the backpay, this was going to be true.
Democrats focused on turnout in 2008 and 2012 whereas GOP didn't. (In 2004 both parties went for turnout in their bases). For whatever reason, despite the vast money resources in 2012, the GOP had no turnout machine and didn't bother to build one. Easiest place for Democrats to get turnout is in the cities, where you have more voters per square mile.Percentages are bigger, but not drastically so. Clinton, Gore, and Kerry all got mid-90s (some polls say Kerry high 80's,...
98% has to do more with the GOP's Southern Strategy than Obama. There's nothing that corresponds to that with respect to Democrats and Mormons.
State would say double jeopardy. No risk of incrimination at the state level.Second wrinkle is the possible federal action, not sure how a court would resolve that.That being said, for any of the hypotheticals that involve Zimmerman bringing an action as a plaintiff (such as the libel/slander suits), he's almost certainly waiving any risk of self incrimination.
True, but I suspect the wrinkle here in a civil action would be that Zimmerman can be forced to testify in state court, now that double jeopardy does not apply at the state level.
edit, never mind, found the jury instructions online.
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