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Makes the "blind trust" effectively not blind.Point of a blind trust is that the official (and his classified knowledge)doesn't unfairly influence the business/investment, and that the business/investments doesn't get information ahead of the market.Putting his kids in charge of the business and then giving them national security clearances would mean that the Trump businesses is ahead of the curve. Textbook selfdealing.
Yeah... I want to say pp v. casey was 1991 or thereabouts. And yeah, the latest case appears to have strengthened the judges ability to scrutinize the various burdens, not weaken them.
I don't think gay marriage will get overturned, but I could see expansion in the exceptions as to accomodation.I can see Roe getting overturned if both RBG and Kennedy leave this term. But right now there is 5 votes for abortion being a constitutional right subject to some rational burdens but not irrational burdens.
Scalia definitely would overturn Roe v. Wade any chance he could get. According to the Blackmun papers, in PP v. Casey, there was initially a 5 vote majority to overrule Roe in the chambers, but during the opinion drafting stage, Kennedy flipped his vote. I forget whether Scalia or Rehnquist originally had the majority opinion but both published dissents. But I'm 100% confident that Scalia would happily overrule Roe if he were still alive.
Democrats can probably get away with doing nothing. GOP appears to be stuck 62 million vote ceiling nationally, maybe peak is at 65 million, but with the GOP voters spread out efficiently and with narrower turnout windows. Dems are clustered inefficiently but has a higher turnout ceiling (maybe as high as 75 million, as low as 55 million) coupled with wide range of variability. They should get a full time DNC head. Not a sitting official. Should focus on something...
seriously? tax cuts, 1000%.
So why did the Republican's hate Obama's plan? Because they didn't do it?
Not unusual for campaign team to continue in advisor role - Axelrod was a strategist or something for Obama in the first term.
Nobody really cares about the debt, really. Except probably Bill Clinton, since he was obsessed about it in the 90's.That being said, it often does make sense to borrow a ton of money for federal spending when interest rates are low.
In retrospect, Joe Biden was probably the best choice for the Dems, god help us all.Obviously, I voted for HRC, despite her being my 3rd choice in the 2008 primary season. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are just ridiculous. Voted for HRC in the primary, Bernie is just too much socialism for me. HRC won my state.
New Posts  All Forums: