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I heard 662 million or thereabouts. Not sure if there is any way to reduce that.
I was thinking more in terms of preferential business deals for an owner's other businesses (for example, some kind of media or broadcast company). Benefit doesn't end up on the NBA books, where labor has better bargaining power.
The team won't sell at a discount. Owning a sports franchise is a luxury good/status symbol as well as a profit machine, both on and off the books.
I am significantly less concerned about this than I am about the monopoly-cartel nature of the NBA vis a vis new franchises and employee salaries.
Jesse and Al aren't going to be allowed to own an NBA team, so I am not sure I should be concerned to much that Sterling soon won't be allowed to either.
That Dodgers sale was a forced sale as well. The McCourts were going through an acrimonious divorce and the owners had money issues. Frank McCourt attempted to do a long term license of broadcast rights to generate money, and Selig blocked that deal and forced the franchise to be sold.
Market forces won't do anything. The NBA as a whole is a monopoly, the individual teams are part of the cartel.
He was unlikely to get the nomination; New Jersey's state politics are notoriously corrupt, christie has a decent number of problems in his past and is thin skinned, and the media tends to give too much weight to nyc and dc media market Republicans. Much like Guiliani, it wasn't going to happen.
I don't care. The filibuster is a terrible rule. If it were up to me, the rules would be (1)no filibuster, (2), all presidential appointees take office unless the senate votes to block them, and possibly (3) all judges serve a long, but set discrete term, not for life.Hopefully McConnell will eliminate the rest of the filibuster if he ever retakes the majority leader office. I fail to see the point of permitting filibusters of supreme court nominees, as in practice, a...
This is not correct. There isn't 200 years of precedent for a non speaking filibuster. Its a recent thing.
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