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I think so. She's also Mitch McConnell's wife. So far, the most "normal" pick.
FL is really important, though. FL + uncalled Michigan is a Hillary win. There's a good argument that every election lawyer would be in Michigan and Wisconsin right now arguing provisional ballots if cubans voted like puerto ricans in FL.
There is none. NY and CA votes in 2016 are irrelevant, except perhaps to reveal policy strategies for use in other states. Even that is kind of irrelevant, as the D's only completely control 5 states (CA, OR, HI, RI, CT) to the Gop's 25/26.
Two reasons I'm thinking -1) defense and intelligence contracts are some of the biggest (bigly) contracts out there. If somebody takes a position with contract authority, I can see a higher than normal risk for getting roped into a self-dealing situation. This is the kind of thing people could go to jail for.2) terrorist targets are going to increase once Trump is president, thanks to Trump's global holdings and management deals. Suppose AQ or Isis decides to launch...
Yeah,probably David Frum - just a brief check Frum's twitter account shows that he is pretty hostile to Trump.I'm not sure any of the smart neocons want to get covered by the coming shitstorm.
Statewide recounts almost never work, unless we're talking less than a few hundred votes. I think someone posted somewhere that only 3 out of 27 have changed the result in a statewide recount in the past couple of decades - Franken in 2008 (went from trailing 215 votes to winning by 312), Christine Gregoire's first WA governor race (trailing 261 votes to winning by 133 votes) and some CA state position of little importance. Nobody has ever come back from being down by...
The stimulus bill isn't looking like an infrastructure spending stimulus bill, which is what would get D's to sign on. It's looking like a tax deduction bill is the favored approach. Things might change, though.It is also looking like a medicare privatization bill will be one of the first things pushed by the House.
Such a scam. Jill is using recount to raise money and build a fundraising list. The margins are too big to be reversed in a recount. Especially in PA. No way there is 68K more votes hiding in the southeast that can flip it. Philly dems target for the ward leaders was to get 450K more votes than the Philly GOP and they beat that number, so I don't see 68K more votes hiding in the state.That money should be going to the Louisiana runoff or the 2017 races.
I don't think they will or should, though. The scenario where the Dems impeach is a scenario where the Dems somehow come back and take the house in 2018 despite the gop gerrymanders. If that's the case, the best thing to do is to leave the trump mess front and center, screwing up the 2020 election as well as the state legislative downballots, as the 2020 winners get tk do the round of redistrictings.
Turnout was really high in rurals and exurbs, and I think it was mostly late breaking and late turnout based on the exit polls. If you told everybody only the Clinton raw numbers a month ago, they would have thought Clinton would win. I think everybody was expecting 131 or 132 million, give or take, as the final turnout number, but it looks like number will be 134 million or higher
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