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Trump is probably going to finish below 46.5% (he's at 46.7% last I heard with millions coming in) or so of the popular vote. Given demographic trends, including the slow decline of the white working class vote (probably 2 or 3% smaller in 2020), he needs to increase the spread even higher, increase the turnout higher, increase the spread among white professionals, or cut into or reduce the minority vote. Or experience an economic boom or starts a war that rises his...
I heard/saw that he was considering Ingraham.
Yeah, I suspect this will be the case.
Sherrod Brown is probably the current 2020 frontrunner at the moment. It can change fast, though. GOP would be wise to find a moderate or top tier candidate to take him down in 2018 before he gets that far.
Christie is out because the Bridgegate convictions gave Donald's son in law (Jared Kushner)the leverage he needed to shiv him. I believe Christie put Jared's dad in prison.
Midwesterner or Southerner, governor or senator, would be my guess. But I suspect Cuomo will try for it. As will Mayor Carcetti. Grrrrrrr...
Dems are getting crushed among older white voters but still hitting the low 40s with younger white voters. 43% among 18-29 and even 37% among older 30-44 category gets you a 1 million to 2 million vote popular vote win.Waiting for the older people to die is a viable strategy. Most of the shift was in the rurals and exurbs, which will keep declining percentage wise.
Makes the "blind trust" effectively not blind.Point of a blind trust is that the official (and his classified knowledge)doesn't unfairly influence the business/investment, and that the business/investments doesn't get information ahead of the market.Putting his kids in charge of the business and then giving them national security clearances would mean that the Trump businesses is ahead of the curve. Textbook selfdealing.
Yeah... I want to say pp v. casey was 1991 or thereabouts. And yeah, the latest case appears to have strengthened the judges ability to scrutinize the various burdens, not weaken them.
I don't think gay marriage will get overturned, but I could see expansion in the exceptions as to accomodation.I can see Roe getting overturned if both RBG and Kennedy leave this term. But right now there is 5 votes for abortion being a constitutional right subject to some rational burdens but not irrational burdens.
New Posts  All Forums: