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Quote: Originally Posted by nerdykarim Those of you who say it sounds fishy--how far out of law school are you? IMO, in the last couple years, unpaid legal internships become very common. Less than 2 years.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gibonius What's the point of setting a reserve on Ebay, instead of just a higher initial bid? I hate these things, they frequently get a bunch of bids and then no one wins because the reserve wasn't met. Where's the advantage for the seller? They're gonna be basically pointless in a couple weeks, if I understand the new ebay fee structure.
Sounds fishy, at least based on what classmates of mine were getting to be patent agents while in law school.
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance I'm not a big fan of these shoes anyway but people here are always clamoring for them, so here you go. I'm not sure if its the best deal, they look a bit worn for that price but maybe you can make an offer . . . At $450, I would pass on used Darltons and wait for a sale from RL. If $450 is the price used, I'll rather drop $600 for them new, and I...
These Paul Stuarts look cheap enought for somebody to take a flyer on: Size 10.5B; made in England.
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE :RJcat: Perhaps you can pace your posts so they aren't so epic in length each time? Not everyone enjoys everything you link, thought we all pick and choose. If it's a real service you wish to do, do that PS: Still keeping an eye out for those coral links for ya What the hell is wrong with you? The man is providing a free and very useful service - complaints about the specifics seems unseemly.
Quote: Originally Posted by JChance I'm a B.S. Chemistry and B.A. Molecular Biology graduating soon with 2 years of experience working in a Chem lab. I have tried pre-pharm, pre-med, pre-dental and research, but found that they are all not for me. I think law is right for me, but dont have much experience in it nor community service/leadership. I want to take a few years off before applying to law school, what kind of jobs should you suggest me looking...
Quote: Originally Posted by coldforge Heutchy does sales on Gilt very often. They have a good affordable chukka boot. I don't like the one I have, but it is a mid-gray that is hard to wear.
Chucks - I have two, with a 3rd on the way (which I think is a varvatos collab or whatever it is) PF Flyers Generic Surplus Clark's DB (although I prefer wearing welted suede chukka boots instead of Clarks, but obviously you pay more than $100 at retail for that)
Quote: Originally Posted by jays978 Where can I snag a pair for around $110? Gilt just had some at $99 plus their usual shipping. Click on to the gilt essentials sale and click on loafers (no idea of why they're here). I just got sucked into buying the brown suede chelsea boots (I also bought brown pebble grained chucks which appear to be a varvatos collab), since I had thought about it before when it was higher. Will report back on this...
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