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Andrew Jackson was a terrible waste of a human being - his treatment of native americans pretty much clinches that. GRPOS.
Yeah, federal retirement accounts, like the TSP, are excluded. From the disclosure forms:Exclusions:Exclude any retirement benefits from Federal Government employment (including the Thrift Savings Plan) and any social security benefits. Exclude also any deposits aggregating $5,000 or less in personal savings accounts in a single financial institution (unless listed as a source of income). Personal savings accounts include any certificate of deposit or any other form of...
Assuming that's even true*, that 25% of Black republican voters, not Black voters total.*One has to wonder what the exit polling margin of error would be here....** 25% ain't supported by the CNN exit poll. CNN has N/A for every possible breakdown by race other than white for in Illinois. Only 4% of the people polled in the Illinois GOP primary were black. 92% were white, 2% latino, 2% Asian, 1% other, numbers don't add up to 100% due to rounding.
He was never going to garner significant Republican votes on any issue, even if he were to copy a Heritage foundation proposal and try to use that as the basis of his legislation. The GOP senators and legislators needed to politicize any issue and vote no as often as possible in order to save their jobs. Any GOP incumbent who voted yes on anything was going to get a primary challenge and get voted or forced out like Specter, Lugar, or Bennett.
Its an open question. Afaik, never settled by the courts. Your rule is nice, but an alternative analysis by the courts is possible.The reality is that situation where the NBC issue comes up will influence the decision/vote counting. If it comes up in the McCain scenario, its going to be 9-0, 8-1 at best, that McCain is a NBC because Military people and their children are just going to get that call every time. If 2 US citizen marry, go overseas for US military...
I would say yes for McCain. Both parents US citizens, and born on a US military base.
The Clintons are great at spinning. Bill lost the first 4 primaries in 1992 primaries, including both Iowa and NH, and that cemented his status as the front runner and winner for Super Tuesday.But yeah, Bern prob wins NH by 20 or 25 and then loses big in SC and falls too far behind on Super Tuesday this year.
Different position groupings. Westbrook, harden and durant are all 1, 2 or 3's. KG and Bosh are 4's that can play some 5.
Because tactically and politically, they'll like to argue that gay marriage and polygamy are close variants and different than heterosexual marriage, rather evaluating the 3 concepts individually. From my experience, the reason why most lawyers and ordinary people who oppose gay marriage bring up polygamy rather than argue against gay marriage is to force the argument that polygamy = gay marriage =/= heterosexual marriage, and then use that analytical framework to argue...
He declared, and as far as I can tell, is a near lock for the debates (RNC rules are that top 10 in the GOP polls are in), unless he somehow gets left off a poll. The upcoming debate has serious trainwreck potential, and I expect Trump to serve up red meat that will help poison the eventual nominee in general.
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