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Anybody have any thoughts on the BV Tapestry 2007, 2008, 2009 (good buy? when to drink?, etc). BV just sent me an email about getting the vertical for $125 + tax (I think 131~132 all together). It's a little cheaper than going to total wine, but I don't think total wine has the vertical. And I do have a few more open spots in my wine cooler. I have experience with the BV's (from Coastal Estates up to the Reserve, Maestro's and Latours, my wife and I are big Napa Cab...
I think quests segments get done the first to open up the next level of the game, and runs are doing previously completed segments of the game for loot/experience.Some quests may be one time only - and the end acts dropped better loot the first time. In lod, the drop calculators for diablo, mephisto, andariel, duriel and baal were different based on whether you were killing them for the first time or whether you were rerunning the level.
No. Assume you are being tracked. Just take a personal laptop with you on the road. If weight is a problem, look into something like an AMD A10 quasi-ultrabook when they hopefully come out next month. Reports are out that the trinity is able to play diablo III on the integrated graphics.
I think they are looking for administrative patent judges and patent examiners for detroit. Mostly mechanical and electrical/computer arts.
The 7750 is for people who need to add a card to something with prebuilt box with Intels hd 2000 or hd2500 and have 250 watt psu (or cables). It's basically the best card that runs off of the pcie slot power. But the 6770 is probably a better card if you don't have the psu worries.I've seen a couple passive 7750's, probably a good idea for htpc's that do occasional gaming (WoW, that kind of thing)
I guess at $100 you could look around for a radeon 6770. Rebates, if they show up, might knock it down to $90, based on what I'm seeing on Newegg. I would probably spend a little more and get the 6850, or the 6870 if you can swing it.If you want nvidia, the 192 bit version of the 460 is 140 with rebate taking it down to $100. I don't know if it comes recommended.
Yeah, the low light was a good trick, and it made the movie's atmosphere better. Just rewatched Alien, and there are one or two scenes where you can tell it's a guy in a suit, though. I think the most obvious one is the scene near the end where Ripley sprays with the coolant or something - you can pretty much see it is a human arm in the rubber suit.
Never played d2classic, but I think you are right and weapon switch was a d2x feature.All these connection/server issues make me unhappy - not willing to try playing with 3g connection. Gonna finish up my hammerdin at d2x (although who knows how long it'll take) and then it's on to some other games.
quasi-universal. In my mind, some exceptions would be if you are (1) already working at a firm as a student associate - common for ex-uspto types; (2) working for a government agency that offers excellent outside prospects (for IP, as a patent examiner at the USPTO; for non-IP I know less but think something like law enforcement, ideally at the federal level, might be similar; and possibly military as well).All of these have significant legal components to the day job...
Tom's Hardware is reporting that the Starter edition (skeleton king/level 13 cap, basically, the beta) becomes available in 30 days - I might just wait that long and see if it works with my hardware as I missed the beta and have a couple of other games to play.
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