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Senate passed a bill before Kennedy died. House passed a different bill. Plan was to go to house-senate conference, agree to it, pass the compromise in the house (majority vote) and the Senate (60 votes) and then sign it.When Kennedy died, Pelosi agreed to pass the previously passed Senate bill and then at the same time passed a budget bill that was agreed on as a compromise to the House passing the Senate bill.Thats one of the reasons why doing a repeal and replace is...
He had 59 via the election (which ended in June of 2009 once Franken won his recount). Arlen Specter was forced out of the GOP in April 2009 via primary threat and seat stripping for attempting to be bipartisan on health care and other issues and that got him 60. Obama really thought he could get the Maine pair as well as Lugar and a few others but McConnell stressed the need to stay united to get the majority back.Arlen is still the only GOP member I've voted for in a...
I expect most white college educated people to vote slightly republican. But if you replace a 68-29 demographic with a 48-45 demographic things change fast on the margins.
It was decided ahead of time, regardless of what Obama did or didn't do, that he would get 0% support. That was the only way to win the 2010 election and control the redistricting process.Most likely, the Dems will do the same thing on Medicare. Trump might be able to privatize Medicare. He will get practically no votes from Dem house and Senate so that all the blame goes to Trump and the House GOP. Whether it passes or not, its the easiest way for the Dems to grab...
And there is always that.
If he doesn't do it in the first term, he'll lose about 4 to 7% of the white working class (whites with no degree) in the greater midwest. He's probably going to lose 2% anyway due to older white working class being replaced by their younger college educated children and grandchildren, but if he fails to do this, a lot of them will go back to being nonvoters.
Pelosi apparently reelected again to be House minority leader. Lot of speculation that this will be her last run as minority leader. It's getting to the point where it's get to the majority by 2018 or move on. Top 3 in democratic House leadership is all 70 or older. Edit: 134-63 was apparently the vote.
Devil's in the details. If it turns out to be unsustainable as a broad policy, that's the next governor's problem.
Devils in the details, but I am not sure Trump did anything except promise not to do something. Most likely the actual inducements are being offered by the governor of Indiana in order to get the incoming administration a big PR win.
New Posts  All Forums: