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Sr's foreign policy was internationalist realist, not a neoconservative.Reagan's was idealistic but often just reflected the last person in the room with him when the decision was made.
Voters are getting tired of other people's representatives. Their own, not so much. I predict that 90%+ of the incumbents running in the house will get reelected.
LA Times/USC poll is a really weird poll. IIRC, they're using the same panel each time. Its never really been done before, and is interesting and exciting.
No. A number of public polls in 2012, especially Gallup*, had a lot of methodological errors (such as not contacting cell phones, not contacting latinos/Hispanics, bad LV screens, bad regional controls). RCP's final polls (all covering up to the day or 2 before the election) resulted in an average of Obama +0.7, when the actual result was Obama +3.7 (and actually 3.86% when the final count came out). Obama did not pick up 3% on the final day. He had most of them all...
Romney was never winning at any point in 2012. LV polls can easily be distorted by enthusiasm generating moments that distort response rates.
The market is pretty much out to get coal miners.
Its one thing if consolidation is by the weaker players, its another if its among the top players. Going from 5 to 3 is really problematic. I'm surprised they even tried - DOJ/FTC have been cracking down on this among the top players, such as with AT&T and Tmobile.
That wasn't my point - my point was the hit to those obamacare plans may not outweigh the hit to doctors and patients with non-obamacare plans if market consolidations were allowed to go through.I am more universal health care by any means than wedded to single payer, although politically single payer would be easier to sustain as broad programs are usually easier to administer than complicated programs.And I am even more pro antitrust law than anything else. Market...
People are saying this is related to DOJ not approving their merger with Humana, not cost related.http://www.businessinsider.com/aetna-humana-merger-reason-for-leaving-obamacare-2016-8http://fortune.com/2016/07/22/aetna-humana-mega-merger/Going from 5 big insurers to 3 seems really problematic to me (I think another merger attempt involving Cigna and Anthem was also blocked). If it had been approved, less competition among insurers would have led to higher premiums for...
Cherry picking too much? It's because Perot polled as high as 39% (good for 1st place) in the summer before he dropped out and before getting back in the race in September.
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