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Different position groupings. Westbrook, harden and durant are all 1, 2 or 3's. KG and Bosh are 4's that can play some 5.
the kobe bean don't fall very far from the jelly bean tree.
The trademark is apparently owned by Pinnacle. I know nothing else so far. My guess is it is a revived brand with the shoes being contracted out to random factories.
A classmate of mine had one of these jobs while doing night law, working for a major military/engineering contracting firm. I think he stuck with it for a year or so after graduation and then jumped to a mid-major law firm specializing in government contracting (at least, it was one I had previously heard of).
For VA, I was told yes, make up the rules and IRAC them if you can't remember a rule. If you do make up a rule, you are better off trying to guess the common law version as VA is fairly traditional common law in a lot of substantial areas, (1st restatement for conflicts of law, etc. But yeah, IRAC, IRAC, IRAC for everything and you can pass with partial credit even if you don't know the rules. VA's essay day, last I checked, was 5 essays in one 3 hour sections, and then...
uva (virginia) is a good school, and if you have any alumni contacts, you might want to check in with them as I imagine there is a pretty good alumni network in the DC region. You also might want to check in with UVA's alumni office and see if there are any local events and go from there.As for Feb vs. July, July pass rates are higher, but that is partially because July has a lot of first time takers. The Feb test is loaded with people who failed the prior July test.
DC bar exam is supposedly pretty easy.Across the potomac, the VA bar is also easy once you've hit a certain number of practice questions and outlines, as it covers a very broad subject matter, but does not go in much depth. That is, once you outline every subject and have taken 100+ (or maybe 150+) practice exam questions (each question is a 35 minute question, I think) and gotten to a passing score on your multistates, it is an easy exam. The other VA bar exam tip is...
No prototype (is usually) needed.If its a mechanical device, as I suspect it is, drawings, written description, and claims is enough to get started.As always, get a lawyer in the field.
Don't spill the beans. Posting something here could be used as prior art against you if it's sufficiently detailed and you wait too long to file a patent.
Best as I can tell, the '07 is kind of hard to find (only 5 options for VA on winesearcher, none very convenient or great deals), the '08 appears common, and I think the '09 is just about to come out (probably the reason BV is offering the vertical).Thinking I might do it.
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