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Can anyone comment on whether the listed measurements on the Uniqlo site are accurate for these slim fit oxfords. Was specifically wondering about the XS. Thanks
Hey, If this is still available I was wondering what the hem width across the bottom is? Thanks, Chris
Probably a stupid question, but is that chest measurement the p-2-p then? That seems super small.Thanks
Anyone have a Version V-neck? I was thinking of picking one up from Unionmade, but haven't seen any fit pics or reviews. Thanks
Thanks, it's the 3sixteen duffle from a couple years back. I had my tailor take it in a bit for a slimmer fit.Thanks Stitchey
X-Post [[SPOILER]]
Anyone know if you'll get hit with customs ordering from nitty gritty?
Does the waist of the chinos end up stretching out much? I'm trying to figure out if I should go with a 29 or 30. If it makes any difference I take a 29 in Epaulet Rivet Chinos.Thanks
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