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Probably a stupid question, but is that chest measurement the p-2-p then? That seems super small.Thanks
Anyone have a Version V-neck? I was thinking of picking one up from Unionmade, but haven't seen any fit pics or reviews. Thanks
Thanks, it's the 3sixteen duffle from a couple years back. I had my tailor take it in a bit for a slimmer fit.Thanks Stitchey
X-Post [[SPOILER]]
Anyone know if you'll get hit with customs ordering from nitty gritty?
Does the waist of the chinos end up stretching out much? I'm trying to figure out if I should go with a 29 or 30. If it makes any difference I take a 29 in Epaulet Rivet Chinos.Thanks
Think they're worth grabbing at 30 or are they just junk?
No heel issues here after about a week of wear. Also got mine topy'd on the main portion of the sole.
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