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Thanks for the reply!I haven't had a chance to try much else yet. This is really my first foray into suiting and the like. I'm not sure if the angle my girlfriend took the pictures at led to the lower part looking odd, the vents are also closed. Does the upper part of the jacket look ok? Or what areas should I look for improvement? Sorry for such basic questions I sincerely appreciate the help.
[[SPOILER]] Anyone? Not trying to be annoying, just hoping for some help Thanks
Hi all, I posted earlier but only had a front shot of the jacket. Here are a few different angles of a size 36. I am very new to this so I was hoping to get some feedback as to whether I'm even in the ballpark with this jacket. Off the bat I know the sleeves would need to be shortened. Any suggestion/feedback helps. Thanks much.
Can anyone confirm that the ST-100x size 28 thigh measurement (9.5'') is correct on the selfedge site? 9.5 seems incredibly small. Thanks
[[SPOILER]] Had the exact same thing happen to my Stark after wearing it just a couple of times. Took it to my tailor and got it fixed for $8. Haven't had a problem since and can't really even tell where the damage was.
I've thought about. But going off the measurements it seems they would be about the same as my old size 28 Epaulet denim. I'd like something a bit slimmer, just not skin tight or super low rise like the skinny guys. Definitely open to suggestions. Ideally I wanted to go with 7'' leg opening.
I hit the downtown Seattle store today and they had the black side zips marked down to $99. On top of that I was able to get them to accept the %20 off coupon, getting them to $80 or so. For anyone interested; there were quite a few 42s left, and probably 1 of 41,43,44.
Jay, Where do you take the thigh measurements for denim? I'm thinking of getting a pair of 3sixteen ST-100x in size 28. After looking at the thigh measurement on SE's site I was a bit worried. Though, at 10.5'' on you site they seem a lot more doable. I've got a pair of size 28 NF skinny guys that are too tight (though I can still wear them), so I was hoping for a little extra room in the 3sixteens as well as the wider leg opening. Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: