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Thanks for the suggestions guys. They basically look like white spots that recur. Although I do have some spots on the edges of lesser worn shoes that look like bread mold spots. The main problem is that I live in an old wet Seattle house. It's probably time to invest in a heavy duty dehumidifier.
Anyone have any tips for getting small amounts of mold out of the boot leather? I just noticed a few small spots on the outside of one of the boots. I tried brushing off the spots real well but they come back again in a day or two. Thanks
dirty mirror shot
[[SPOILER]] Toasty,Are these TTS or are you sizing down? I'm trying to figure out what size to take. For reference I'm a 29 in Epaulet chinos. Can't decide if I should go with 28 or 29 in these.
[[SPOILER]] What cardi/jacket is that? Looks great.
Curious about the linen shirt sizing as well, thinking of picking one up.
Navy it is, thanks man.
Anyone have any real life pics of the Navy UL Down jacket? Trying to decide between that and the black one. Hard to judge the colors from the site.
Ha, point well taken. I was out a vintage store.
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