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Anyone else have any suggestions as to how I should have my trial suit altered to fit properly? Any help for this suiting noob is greatly appreciated! [[SPOILER]]
Hey All,I'm getting married in September and thus I need to finally break down and by my first suit. I'm totally new to the world of suiting, so this is all slightly overwhelming. I still haven't decided on what color to go with; I'm thinking maybe a medium grey or a navy.I've decided to go with Kent Wang. I recently received my trial suit and had a chance to try it on and take some pics (spoilered at the end of this post d/t size). Since this is my first suit I was...
Is this missing hand pockets, or am I just not seeing them?
So I posted a few weeks back about what I thought might be mold on my boots. I cleaned them with a very dilute soap solution but the spots tend to recur. They also seem to be covering a larger area as I wear them more. It's very off-putting and frustrating. Aside from the visual aspect, I'm worried that the leather may begin to be compromised in these spots. I've had them for almost 2 years and this problem has only crept up in the past month or so. I recently took...
Can't wait for these to arrive, anyone have an estimate on how long it might take them to get to Seattle?
Thanks for the heads up, just ordered a pair of Tan Suede Amoks. Do they charge tax on out of state phone orders?
Thanks for the suggestions guys. They basically look like white spots that recur. Although I do have some spots on the edges of lesser worn shoes that look like bread mold spots. The main problem is that I live in an old wet Seattle house. It's probably time to invest in a heavy duty dehumidifier.
Anyone have any tips for getting small amounts of mold out of the boot leather? I just noticed a few small spots on the outside of one of the boots. I tried brushing off the spots real well but they come back again in a day or two. Thanks
dirty mirror shot
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