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unbuttoned: [[SPOILER]]
Got my 6A from Mandon the other day, really liking it so far.
Does anyone know if Mandon sends any kind of order/shipping confirmation email? Kind of surprised I haven't heard anything from my order on Thursday. Card has been charged though, so it looks like it went through.
Had been waffling between Wine and Loden. Ended up ordering a 6a in Loden from Mandon. Thanks for the heads up Zissou.
Yeah, the bottom half could use some work.
dirty mirror shot
It actually fits pretty well for the most part, those annoying low rise jeans make it look shorter than it really is. I'll have to take a pic in daylight for a better representation of the color.
Quick pic of triple grey Stark roll neck; just arrived today:
Ended up grabbing a size small rollneck from Gentry, hoping it's not too short for me being 5'10''.
Anyone have a length measurement for this year's Fisherman rollneck in Small? I found a site that lists it at 23.75, that seems awful short.
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