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Quick pic of triple grey Stark roll neck; just arrived today:
Ended up grabbing a size small rollneck from Gentry, hoping it's not too short for me being 5'10''.
Anyone have a length measurement for this year's Fisherman rollneck in Small? I found a site that lists it at 23.75, that seems awful short.
I was wondering the same thing. I've been waiting several days for a response.
Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. Do you have any suggestion as to finding the optimal angle? I actually instructed Luxire to rotate the sleeves on that shirt as per Theresa but it didn't seem to help. Either that, or they just missed the little note at the end of the order with those instructions.
I was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to how I could improve the fit of my next shirt from Luxire. I've included pics of my most recent. I continue to have creasing in the upper arms near the shoulder as well as in the back behind my shoulders. These pictures were right out of the box, so there are some excess wrinkles from shipping. Hoping for some advice on what I can change in the future. Thanks much!
Up for sale is a Wolf v Goat "Before Dinner" tencel cotton gingham in royal blue. 70% tencel, 30% cotton. Only worn a handful of times. Machine washed and hang dryer. Size XS. $45 shipped. PM with any questions.
Oooh, is that mine?
Anyone else have any suggestions as to how I should have my trial suit altered to fit properly? Any help for this suiting noob is greatly appreciated! [[SPOILER]]
Hey All,I'm getting married in September and thus I need to finally break down and by my first suit. I'm totally new to the world of suiting, so this is all slightly overwhelming. I still haven't decided on what color to go with; I'm thinking maybe a medium grey or a navy.I've decided to go with Kent Wang. I recently received my trial suit and had a chance to try it on and take some pics (spoilered at the end of this post d/t size). Since this is my first suit I was...
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