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Thanks Mike! I see what your saying I might opt for the Cramertons then. I certainly have some decent patterned shirts but then I run into the problem of knowing how to match a tie to the shirts, which usually just leaves me wearing plain single color shits. I've got a long way to go
Quick new question: I'm thinking of picking up my first pair of EP trousers. I was wondering if the if the Slim Walt Brown Houndstooth is a very versatile trouser? Being that it will be my first pair I'm looking for something that will be easy to pair. I'm looking for something business casual as I'm required to wear a button down shirt and tie daily. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks
I'll probably just keep them since I feel like they look a lot nicer than anything else I own. I have a hard time finding anything that fits right because I'm 5'10 and only 130 lbs.I've never had anything tailored before, is it very likely that either of these shirts would be damaged?Thanks
I'm only going to dry it once just get the shrink out and then see if the tailor can get it to work better. I try not to dry any of my nice stuff usually, but in this case maybe it will help it fit a bit better.
Thanks for the feedback everyone, I think I'm going to put the red one in the dryer once to get the shrink out and then take them both to the tailor. Hopefully they know what they're doing since I'm still a little lost in all this. What is the ideal length on the sides? Thanks again
Thanks for the reply, is this something that any competent tailor could fix, or is it not worth the hassle?
Thanks for letting me know, I believe the red one might be a bit big, I'm considering shrinking it a bit in the dryer. How long should a shirt like these be on the sides? Is it long enough as long as it covers a belt? Sorry if that is a really dumb question.
I apologize if this doesn't belong here, but I just got a couple of Epaulet shirts off B&S. The red chambary and the blue sunwashed chambray. I was wondering how you guys think the fit looks? I'm worried the blue shirt may be a little short on the sides as well as jutting out a bit. I'm very new to buying decent clothes and am unsure as to how something like this should fit. Thanks so much!
Damn, guess I might have to look elsewhere. Have any suggestions for a hoodie that might work better for my build?Thanks
Ha, no offense taken my man, it's the way I've always been. I'm cool with it, just wish I could find some more gear that was long and slim.
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