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Sounds like a good plan, I think I'm going to be pretty careful with mine as well.
Not wearing in the rain because it's not very water resistant or because the rain will damage it? I only ask because I've got the same coat and will bearing wearing it for the first time this winter.
Are the navy flannel trousers very easy to match with? I'm trying to decide between those or a pair of Cramertons as to which pair of trousers I'd like to try next.
Congrats Mike!
Wish the 28's were still in stock
Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I definitely appreciate it as I'm very new to the world of half-way decent clothes . As it's been discussed above, I have a very hard time find any substantial outwear that works well with my build. Think it would be worthwhile trying to paint the toggles black or grey or something of that nature?Thanks
2 more votes from me
Thanks for the feedback, it might not help that I'm wearing skinny guys with the coat. I've asked before, is this something that would be worth trying to get altered? I think I like it enough to keep, but also don't want to look like a doofus.
Hello, I was wondering if either of these shirts were still available? If so, what kind of shape are they in? Any rips, tears, stains, etc? Thanks much, Chris
Yeah I actually have a pair of the Cramertons that are too big for me. Would it be easier to match the UK Stones with more shirts since they are lighter in color than the Cramertons? I apologize if this is a stupid question, I'm just really new to all this .Thanks
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