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Cotton or wool?
Thanks for the info! I've been having a weird issue with the fit on the sport trainers. The right shoe has some heel slippage, while in the left shoe it feels like the arch support is too far forward. It's strange, I've never encountered something like this. Any suggestions?
So are there any sizing differences between the sport trainers and the tennis trainers? I've got a pair of sport trainers that don't fit quite right and am trying to figure out how to size the tennis trainers.
Apologies if this has been covered. How does the sizing on these compare to the Sport Trainers? I'm sure they are pretty darn close, but wondering if one model is longer or wider than the other.
Anyone have measurements on a size XS or S Matlock? Thanks!
Any chance you could post measurements? I'm thinking about picking this up in a S as well.Thanks.
X-post from WAYWT of the Knowles jacket, in case anyone is interested.
It's the RRL Knowles
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