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I will say as a retailer the PS and NC shipments have been few and far between, causing us (and other APC dealers) a lot of headaches. We just received a teaser fill in and have been assured more are on the way. We received some PS, NC's and NS's all in limited numbers. http://www.shopdetour.com/c/apc/apc.html Thanks Jason
Quote: Originally Posted by CuffEm If I wear a 34x34 in Levi 511, then why would I get size 32 in APC, if APC jeans stretch? Yes
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 KZO gets no love on here, already buried on page 2. That cardi looks badass, nice pickup. Mike's detailed pictures really showed the great hand. Any fit pics? If not, how did you size it and what are your thoughts on it (fit, weight, etc.). we agree with the no love statement, too bad...kzo is a great line
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Khaki or tan? Khaki
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Disappointed Context sold out of the field mac so quickly. Seriously tempted to order the lone Large, but just couldn't justify it right now. Just and FYI, we have our Field Mac coming in in the next week or so. So you'll have another chance to get one if you still want one Several have been pre-sold but we do have a M & L left for sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by wagthesam I bought rescues in 31 from context, what will be inseam length be? 36? Ours measures to 35.5"...they tend to vary a little though
Quote: Originally Posted by pbandblunts ^ I ordered a red oxford from Winn a week or so back, how was the grey one in person? I've been at a constant loss trying to find a nice grey oxford. I really like the Grey, it's a light Grey. You can wear it in many of the same situations as the White Oxford, it's just not White Looks great with raw denim, in or out, and looks great with ties (plaids). If you're looking for a medium to dark Grey this...
We have a couple KMW's left over from last season at big savings: KMW 1980 Jack Wash in Selvedge 60% off: were: $352 now $141 Size 29X32 and 36X32 http://www.shopdetour.com/c/kicking_...king_mule.html KMW Hooded Sweatshirt 60% off: was $220 now $88 Size Small http://www.shopdetour.com/c/kicking_...king_mule.html KMW 2010 One Rinse Selvedge 50% off: was $275 now $137.5 Size 29X34 KMW Rocker Dry Raw Selvedge 50% off: was $275 now $137.50 Size...
Quote: Originally Posted by DGP Have you seen/handled these in person? Curious if they're actually any better than the seemingly overpriced Capital E jeans. Yes. I've seen and handled and think they looked better than the Capital E's, which I was not a huge fan of. Levi's intention with these is to sit next to and compete with the likes of AG, 7FAM, Diesel etc...
Quote: Originally Posted by DGP Has anyone seen/heard of Levi's Made & Crafted? I just saw a pair online and they look nice, but I'm suspicious that this is just a replacement for Capital E, which replaced Levi's Premium. Looks to be an attempt to take Levi's more upscale to compete in the $150-200 market, but maybe these are actually better for some reason? Correct The "made & crafted" is meant to replace the Capital E line and be their...
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