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 Posted this weekend!  [[SPOILER]]   I've not seen it at any stockists and the boutique in Antwerp only had a handful available. Other Shop in London have a version for women in navy but beyond that I don't know if it's readily available. I've also seen a similarly cut piece in the same fabric but in pull-over form rather than an open cardigan at a different stockist in Brussels.
Schneider upped their bag game     Leather straps with gold printed logo on.   Purchase from SS14:     No buttons, ultra lightweight worsted wool, half-length sleeves    
Please don't quote such a large amount of pictures without using spoilers
 Love it but feel like the white shirt is too much, too stark, too aggro.  Hm, that's extremely interesting indeed. Thanks for the good advice!
 Yeah, there are too many other good options out there to faff around with £155 for a Drakes. I'll mostly stick to Hober and Vanda instead.
Pingson that looks fantastic. Sucks that they're stopping 9cm ties - I keep itching to buy another Drakes but 8cm is too small and their selection of 9cm has been pretty weak lately (and don't even go on sale). Yours is gorgeous though, nice one.
 Not derk but: Brussels: Stijl (dries, ann, raf, kva, rick, schneider), Margiela flagship, Privé Joke (universal works, our legacy, howlin', etc), COS, bellerose (used to stock cabourn and engineered garments don't know if they still do), Fillipa K. Antwerp: Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Stephan Schneider, Rosier 41 (second hand and overstock designer stuff - bought some yohji trousers there on saturday), Labels Inc (second hand), Renaissance, Acne, APC, RA13,...
That is superb, Claghorn
This shirt is really lovely in person and would be pretty easy to wear.     Don't think any of the floral prints are too demanding though. As mentioned, a dark blazer makes them sit very nicely.
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