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    Yohji Yamamoto / Stephan Schneider / Rombaut
Hi guys, it's been a while. Finally have the technological means to take fit pics again.       Lemaire / Dries / APC / Dries
 It was! Thanks so much for asking. I'm more-or-less back to normal - able to swim and dance again, have no problems staying upright for an entire day and need less rest than before. Hope you're well?
Hello styleforum, it's been a while  Raf Simons / Dries Van Noten / Maison Martin Margiela Texture of the jumper is weird and like a crusty sea sponge.  [[SPOILER]]
That is absolute fire
Went to the Raf Simons / Ruby Sterling popup shop yesterday. Sadly couldn't go to the opening party on Friday (Dries was there apparently!)   Some terrible, blurry tablet photos for your interest    
 Universal Works
 His shirts are almost always without exception very thin and delicate. Even in winter collections.
 It's an illustration of a fit of mine from earlier in the year:  [[SPOILER]]  A talented lass from reddit's /r/sketchdaily subreddit drew it as part of a daily challenge where they drew outfits from users on /r/malefashionadvice. Was dead chuffed with it.
Cheers! The yohji shirt has a pocket below my tit too, good place for it.
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