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Liking those trou
 The shoes aren't very pointy at all - might just be the angle of the photo.  [[SPOILER]]  Thanks for the comments ridethecliche - I do tend to dress quite "frumpy" with high-waisted wider cut trousers, full shirts and draping/slouchy outwear. It's just what I'm content with at this point. I dress in sharper fitting suits and ties when I'm at work so outside of work it's fun to dress more dishevelled, slouchy and relaxed.
 Margaret Howell / White Stuff / Dries Van Noten / Margiela  [[SPOILER]]
Oh man, new season stuff is looking great
Dead excited to check out the new collection when het modepaleis gets it in, though I've a hunch it won't be a collection I will buy much from
The suit jackets are cut really tight across the chest, it's a nightmare
 They are! Navy/blue mix.
 Dries Van Noten / Stephan Schneider / Dries Van Noten / Margiela   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
 Beautiful print!
Stunning, so many amazing details. Thanks for posting these, shah!   I adore the spotlight patches.
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