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  Dries Van Noten / Travail en Famille / WeberHodelFeder
    Dries Van Noten x3   Roll-neck is from the new collection which is stunning in person.
    Suit: Suitsupply Shirt: Gieves & Hawkes Tie: Raf Simons Pocket Square: Kent Wang Shoes (not pictured): Crockett & Jones black captoes
 Cotton twill!
They're suede derbies if that helps
    Dries Van Noten / SEH Kelly / Trickers
    Raf Simons / COS / Maison Martin Margiela / Rombaut
 Dries Van Noten / Travail en Famille / Oliver Spencer / Tricker's  [[SPOILER]]
 Size V - I'm usually between a IV and a V in Schneider depending on the piece. It's slightly oversized, and the bottom hem is really loose compared to normal jumpers. Sits very comfortably.
  Schneider / Dries / Margiela
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