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 Universal Works
 His shirts are almost always without exception very thin and delicate. Even in winter collections.
 It's an illustration of a fit of mine from earlier in the year:  [[SPOILER]]  A talented lass from reddit's /r/sketchdaily subreddit drew it as part of a daily challenge where they drew outfits from users on /r/malefashionadvice. Was dead chuffed with it.
Cheers! The yohji shirt has a pocket below my tit too, good place for it.
Jacket ('08) is 95% cotton 5% polyester to give it stiff structure. Shirt is 100% cotton but quite shiny and dense - maybe a cotton gabardine i'm unsure. No fabric/year label on that piece (though it's on S/M/L sizes so I suspect from the 90s). Trousers ('97) are linen/rayon blend. 
    Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme / Margiela   Shirt is a generously cut overshirt that is really good fun open as an outer layer or worn as a billowy shirt by itself.    
      God I love this season
 Amazing - that jacket is a wonder. 
Liking those trou
 The shoes aren't very pointy at all - might just be the angle of the photo.  [[SPOILER]]  Thanks for the comments ridethecliche - I do tend to dress quite "frumpy" with high-waisted wider cut trousers, full shirts and draping/slouchy outwear. It's just what I'm content with at this point. I dress in sharper fitting suits and ties when I'm at work so outside of work it's fun to dress more dishevelled, slouchy and relaxed.
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