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    Dries Van Noten / Raf Simons / Dries Van Noten / Maison Martin Margiela
    Dries Van Noten / Uniqlo x Lemaire / Stephan Schneider / Tricker's
  Dries / Dries / Rombaut  [[SPOILER]]
 Dries / Dries / Schneider / Margiela  [[SPOILER]]
  Lemaire / Margaret Howell / Margaret Howell / Margiela
    Raf Simons / Dries / Margiela
 Thanks! Side hem.
  Dries Van Noten / Rombaut  [[SPOILER]]
  Dries Van Noten / Stephan Schneider / Dries Van Noten   (trousers are canvas and have long rectangular pockets, they're not jeans)
    Yohji Yamamoto / Stephan Schneider / Rombaut
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