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  Thanks.  They are dark tan calfskin from Alden of NY (style #97641).  Both shoes are 9.5 E; the LWBs are a tad longer than the Trubalance 403s.  My right foot is slightly wider tan my left, which is why it has the widening contraption in it right now.  I also had to widen the right shoe of my 403s, but they now fit awesome and are extremely comfortable. 
403s while the new gunboats get a little stretching.   
  My AEs:  all 9.5E  Natural Mctavish (5 last) Brown/brown Strawfut (5 last) Brown suede Cambridge Brogue (5 last) Walnut Flatirons (3 last)    In regards to fit, all the 5 last shoes fit great except for the Cambridge.  For some reason, they are really tight and I haven't worn them outside the house yet.  I'm slowly trying to break them in, and if I can't, I'll probably try to exchange them or sell them at some point.  The Mctavish and Strawfut fit like a glove and are...
Breaking in the Flatirons today.  I had to wait a couple of weeks to get them in 9.5E.  I originally had them in a 10D, and that didn't work out so well.  So far, very comfortable.   
Thanks.  I believe I paid about $270; retail minus a minor discount.  These are the natural Mctavish and I love the color.  The only thing I've done to them was use one of those leather conditioner sponges on it once, and of course, wear them. 
  Wasn't so sure about the black ones, but those look great.  Might have to pick up a pair.
Mctavish.  Probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I own.  I can wear them all day long.   
Strawfuts for the hot muggy weather.  The shoes certainly keep your feet cool!   
  I really liked the Lombards as well, but I had to send them back because they were too small.  I would have got another pair, but unfortunately, they no longer had them in my size.  Will definitely add them to my fast growing AE collection when they go on sale again. 
  I sent a pair back (USPS) and paid postage.  They ship to you for free though so I guess paying to ship back to them is not that big a deal.  Unless you live in Canada, which could get expensive. 
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