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Hi all,   Seeking advice again. I've ordered a Equus leather belt in Australian nut. I am thinking that the Burgundy looks closer to the brown than Australian nut. Anyone with the belt and the shoes in those colors able to provide some comment? (i.e. which is closer to the Meermin dark brown, the Australina nut or Burgundy.
Actually you are right. Doing a more stringent side by side pic of the dark brown meermin on the computer screen and the saphir palette seems to suggest mahogany to be closer. Although some of the pics taken of the dark brown seems to suggest an even darker color (burgundey even??) or maybe thats just the persons camera lighting conditions.
Hi all,   What saphir polish color have ppl been using for the dark brown oxfords (or any meermin dark brown for that matter)? I am going to hazard a guess and say that medium brown is probably the closest?
Hi all,   Just wanting to confirm with all the experts/purchasers here about sizing (not wanting the hassle of sending shoes back). Had a couple of emails between Jose and myself about sizing for both the Rui and Hiro lasts. My feet length is 26.5 cm and width is 10cm. Jose suggested that a size UK 8 would be fine in both. Does this work for most people in the forums who might be in this range?   Looking at the measurements in the posts before for the Hiro...
Hi all, scuse the newness on these forums but i was wanting to buy the Benjamin pants s140's. I am a size 30 but i noticed that the rise of those pants are 10 inches. I measured my typical pants and they go from anywhere between 11.5 to 13. Given that I am 5 feet 12 inches, would the rise but too short in this instance making it extremely uncomfortable to sit in?
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