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going on the bay, PM if you're 11.5E Barrie and want to purchase directly from me. thanks kindly
despite technical difficulties, pictures up
SOLD - Alden cigar LWB 11.5E Barrie antique edge. I just received these from AoC pre-order, they are BNIB first quality A1 condition. $750 is exactly what I paid, I'll cover shipping. I sized up in width for these and actually prefer fit of an identical pair in 12D these were intended to replace. They're beautiful, and worth stating, quite hard to get a hold of. If no one grabs these in a few days I'll put on eBay. Thanks
Cotton,details on these NSTs please?!!best.Scott
Dear Epaulet, pretty please make EPLA in XXL, starting today, please . I'm an entirely loyal Epaulet customer, and by no means grotesque in stature. 6'3" and lean, I just happen to be Texan, and framed accordingly. I'm a perfect 43L in Southwick (ask Matt!), perfect 36 waist in Walt but after having to return the gorgeous jean jacket in XL due to the degree of taper to hips, I will now with severe reticence be returning the western shirt. I'm being honest when I say...
If anyone purchased the above Epaulet tanker in 11.5, and something doesn't work out- please drop me a note. thanks kindly
At the risk of intensifying the already frenzied demand around this piece- it's pretty clear the value of this photo is surpassed only by the value of the subject's autograph. How is this not in the gagosian? any further drop? Thanks
Anyone own and have measurements, or sizing comments on this jacket- Nigel Cabourn x Eddie Bauer Quilted Jacket? I've googled extensively and it appears anyone that carried it last season has it removed from site. Would to know what 52 and 54 chest and shoulder measure.. thanks kindly
will you drop price any? thanks
just a PSA-if you're looking to pre-order this shoe from LS- LS #8 Shortwing, I have a pair from their last order of these for sale- BNIB 11.5D Barrie. $550 shipped in US. Take the $115 discount and immediate gratification lead time can be 1-2 years, or less. PM me. Apologies if this is perceived as anything other than trying to share the love.best,Scott
New Posts  All Forums: