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I'm 5'11", the size 50 lengths were good for me. The sleeves could be a bit shorter but I don't mind. 
My Flyknti Chukkas fit TTS, perhaps a tad larger than usual Nike Sizing. If you're inbetween sizes, can order down, otherwise just stick with normal size. 
Just got tracking for my ToJ0 black/black, ordered June 3rd!
 Ordered mine mid July, still waiting. 
Probably. I ordered 4 months, still waiting on mine. 
Price depends on condition, send PM.
Looking for wings + horns camo pants in size 30 or 31. Will work out price depending on condition/shipping. 
Looking for the (pref) Navy Jaybird Rag and Bone backpack, as shown here. If you got and you're willing to part with it, send me an offer and we might work something out.
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