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Long story short, I have a wedding to go to on Saturday night. All I have is a navy suit. I need to buy shoes, a white shirt and a tie Saturday morning. I usually wear uniqlo button ups (they fit me pretty well). I have a few CT slim fits and they are gigantic on me (arms seem huge and too much flare at the bottom). I will most likely need sleeves shortened. Most likely going to go to AE for shoes. Recommendations would be appreciated (I live in NYC).
I just got a jacket from indochino. Overall it is flattering but I have a small "X" on the button. I could live with that but the jacket bottom (when buttoned) pulls apart on the bottom and shows a bit of shirt. Can tailoring fix that? Will an inch of extra room at the buttoning point fix that or does it require a different alteration?
A few months ago I was looking around at MTM suit options because I am a big guy and OTW are usually overly boxy and anything tailored doesn't come in my size.   I found a company that offered multiple "tiers" of fabric to price the suits, I believe it was $650 for the most basic suit fabric w/ another $100-150 for a vest. They required a $150 deposit to schedule a measuring when they were in your city.   I don't remember the company, but the website was basic...
Thanks for the info.   Will post some pics to check fit when the clothes arrive.
Just got suckered into a Josabank sale, buy 1 get 2 free + a free jacket.   I tried on the stuff in the store, but am feeling buyers remorse. I went with the Signature tailored line (which I think is fused; not to be confused with Signature gold which I believe is half canvassed).   In the end I spent $950 on 1 suit, 2 sport coats, 2 pairs of pants and a coat.   Now I don't wear suits often, but do not own any and want to transition into dressing up more...
So I just took a retail job with a very casual dress code of a collared shirt (polo or dress, can be untucked), no shorts and sneakers are allowed. I typically will help people find what they need, work the cash register, occasional stocking and general cleaning. I would like to slightly up my own dress code but not look totally out of place. I am a big guy that gets sweaty during physical activity and needs comfortable sneakers or shoes to stand for the entire day.
Looks like a 1 or 2 (very close to the head) on the sides and back with the top being left alone (but textured a bit).   If it was styled more neatly, it would look very nazi... just saying.
  I used to be much bigger and have been fat for my entire life, so I have a poor self image (which I am slowly working on). In any case my size is large enough that I can still find stuff in fat people stores like rochester big and tall and have a hard time finding clothes in normal size stores.     I am 26.
6' 2-3" 255 lbs. 46 1/2 chest. 42(jeans) 44(dockers)
I am looking for inspiration on what would/could work on me. Are there any SF approved fat men? [not comically fat men with size 60 waists]
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