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^ Home made? Using beeswax, lanolin ETC?
I prefer using Collonil 1909 Leather Lotion. Absorb well into the leather , smooth it out & got a nice smell too! Buff it well & the shoes will have a simple luster  
I found that using a leather lotion (I use collonil 1909) as the solvent in polishing (Wax) gives a much better result than just using water. The lotion smooth out the surface of the leather & as the result give a much better contact when I move around it to buff in small circle.
I saw on youtube there's a new shoe shine lounge in Tokyo like Yuya Hasegawa's Brift H & it's named Kutty or something. The tagline of the  Italian Shoe Bar or something & yes, japanese know well about making something 'European' include this place Seems like Shoe Care/Shining emerge in Japan. I wondered maybe Japanese stock Saphir more than France itself, every shoe care shop carry em !
About the Nivea, a LOT of wallet enthusiast on some forum use it on their vegetable tanned leather wallet (some use it on belts too). The Patina (or what else I called for their experiment) looks well for that veg tan things but the Veg Tan leather tends to absorb all kind of solvent right? So not just Nivea, anything which in liquid could create some patina in that Veg Tan leather IMO I'm not sure the effect of Nivea in shoes that mostly not a Veg Tan based.
I use it on my Bags, Belts & Wallets. Howard's Leather Conditioner & Collonil 1909 Lotion works well IMO.
From my experience, Leather Conditioner from Howard (Made in Australia) make a good result. I haven't tried the Obenauf although most of leather goods enthusiast that I know use them. Howard products seems to be made from all-natural ingredients too, it smells great! I use them on my soles, haven't tried it on my upper as whole.Once I apply it on the small portion of the heel & gosh, use to wait it soaks for a very long time. This thing is different on the soles...
Columbus Japan channel on youtube gives a lot of shoe care Tutorial. Many case given here
Does anyone have tried La Cordonnerie Anglaise Shoe Cream? The jar looks like the old 100mL Saphir Cream though.     A beeswax based cream, a LARGE amount they said. Is this just a rebranded Saphir version? Anything about this LCA cream is likely fit the Saphir Cream
Does anyone know why brand-new shoe difficult to shine compared to aged one? The Saint Crispins also wrote about it
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