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Just got these pics, extraordinary mirror Shine by Japanese   Courtesy of ohwyohwyohwy   [[SPOILER]]       Before & After [[SPOILER]]
+1   Many other European leather care products just works as well as Saphir. But it's funny to realize that in the France, Saphir cost quite the same as Kiwi does in USA :)
I seen a video made by James May (Top Gear) using this kind of technique (Lesson by the Royal Army).  
I just tried the dried wax & the result much horrible. The wax become as hard as rock & it's getting harder to apply.  Personally I don't like the dried wax, I prefer MDO at it's original state.   Btw, the Japanese strongly recommends a Goat Hair Brush at the finishing touch. They said it's soft enough to make a glassy shine at the end (With some water)
^   Mr.Lear, I got similar experience. Some of my shoes was like almost impossible to shine & some very easy. I never found any article regarding what type of leather that's difficult to shine, I'm quite blind - theoretically- when choosing what type of care I would apply to some shoes. But I found some leather If we touch or feel it, we'll know it's the type that's easy to shine etc - at least from my experience up until this time. It's disturbing though when I saw...
  Once a time I tried to Bull by using the stocking. It not absorbed the water well & the result, wax became dull instead shine. But when I buff (keep it dry, it's traumatic to combine it with water) with it, the result quite fine although not good as the cotton cloth will. Just ordered some shine cloth from the web - Kiwi, Collonil & so-called professional shine cloth flannel/canvas backed- & arrived today. I found that Flannel material is the softest type to buff &...
From what I read, Yuya Hasegawa use 3 type of Brush (Horsehair for Cleaning, Pig Bristle for Cream Polish applicator & brushing then Goat Hair for final Wax brushing) & 2 type of Cloth (The white one & the red but the material still unknown to the public). Distinguish the Brush is quite simple from what we hear too, the pig bristle which is coarser than horsehair sounds more 'crispy' & the Goat hair which is the softest from all brush will sound 'Soft' almost like it not...
Does anyone have talked about shine cloth? I've try some of my old shirt & I realized there's a lot of variation between those so called Cotton cloth (There's a tight woven one etc) I see at some website mostly offer Flannel based cloth . Is all of thing (Canvas, flannel ETC) really matters actually?
I found that Renovateur in France (Country of Origin) sold for about 11-12 Eu. Collonil 1909 Lotion (COO Germany) sold for about 10-11 Eu, much more like the Reno. & other Collonil products (The premium one) priced same as the Saphir too. By this comparison in price, could we assume that quality of shoe care products not absolutely crowned to Saphir alone? There's a lot of good quality care too in other part of the world, not only in France :P
I'm also try to make my own cream instead using some popular product such as saphir (This thing was expensive like gold in Indonesia). Japanese Shoe shine lounge also make their  own so I thought it would not as difficult as I imagined before. There's a lot of precious oil made in Indonesia, I'm thinkink about making cream which is blend with this
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