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Made a recent pick up of this shoe rack that might be a good budget buy for those with backlogs of shoes cluttering up the house. The local Menards has them on sale for $14.99. Nothing fancy, but decent & cheap as an instant solution. Low profile at 36" wide & 57" tall. Claims to fit 50 pairs, but it's more like 30-40 of wider men's sizes. It has 10 tiers that screw in individually from the sides, so any of them are removable if you need height clearance for boots & such....
Pop.Low gorge but nice patch pockets & stitching.No other labels - just a Hong Kong cutom job.Steel blue & 42ish.   [[SPOILER]]
More Spoostradamus near-predictions coming true today:   AE Cambridge Shells. 10.5C but I think they fit.  
Hi all,Can I get a check on these two shirts by Dior & Gucci? The deets on the Dior seem clean & up to par, but the label does not mention "homme" or use a "#HH" id number (just lotsa Japanese). As for the Gooch, there are very few markings at all so I have no clue. Thanks.     [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
I came across an ancient tuxedo jacket this week. That tag does say 1933, right? The wool certainly has a different feel. I passed because of a tiny hole in the sleeve & the slight wear to the satin lapels (plus no pants to be found). I can go back if anyone knows what to do with such an item. Interesting to see nonetheless.      
Visited Nashville last week. Seemed picked over but I did come away with these.   RLX light gray wool.   Cucinelli shirt (first for me, finally).   Ancient AE Tom Dick & Harry model with old logo in good shape. Late '60s from what I gather.    
   Speaking of minds being blown...
Is this Hermes legit? It's gotta be. My first. Put out on a hook right in front of me today as I stood there. Hard to see, but it's covered in translucent/embroidered treble clefs.     What's this little suede thingy?  [[SPOILER]]  Crazy about that shooting. Has anyone ever been to that store? It's deep in the Chicago southside.
Would anyone happen to recognize this faded label? Made in Mexico, pants only, content feels like linen is involved.  RN54784 CA07510 comes up with Abboud & Valentino.     I also found this womens Pendleton jacket & matching skirt. There's no Woolmark tag, so I am looking at 1950s?       Many thanks from a learning thrifter.
They must come in pairs - another suede Lanvin.   My first Schott, woot woot. Giant Henry Poole. No pants anywhere. Grabbed it anyway to wipe my tears away while I cry over pinstriped orphans.
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