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Broken Bones
RRL Slim Bootcut 32x32 SOLD Theres are brand new without tag that I recently bought from another Stylforum member (Sigmatic). I dont have a camera at the moment so I am using the pics he posted originally. I only tried them on. Really great denim. Measurements: Waist: 17" Measured across the back and doubled Thigh: 12.5" seam to seam, 13" fully flat Knee: 8.5" Hem: 9.25" Inseam: just under 33" APC New Standards 31x32 SOLD These measure 17" at the waist. I had...
sent message via email...
I believe I remember reading a post where someone recommended http://warriorclothing.com for made in the UK Fred Perry's.
I wonder if the sale is also in stores. I have been waiting for that peacoat to go on sale but they are out of my size online. edit: nm...after reading the small print on the website it states the sale will include stores only on November 7th.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synrax I want to support DB and cop some 5EP LDB +1 Me too..
Damn...the consensus seems to be to size down at least 2 on the raws...that eliminates me from being able to order any. Everyone seems to be out of the 31x32's.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chadley I just received a pair of 5EP LDB's and they're the best fitting jeans I've ever worn--that's not to mention the denim and construction. I also sized down 1. Did you order the raws or the resins?
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Who cares what your chest is when you inhale, a more accurate measurement would be comparing measurements of tshirts and jackets that fit you well to the measurements posted in this thread and elsewhere. If you're not a xs-s then you'll probably be screwed. It's not just the chest measurements that you have to worry about, the armholes and shoulders are really small too because it's meant for tiny asian people. I'm...
FYI...I posted my Inapt Pea coat along with detailed measurements in the Buying and Selling forum. Please PM with any questions...thanks
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